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No description

Jens Cadiz

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Heroin

Heroin Short term effects. .Low breathing
.causes coma
.a surge of euphoria
.a warm flushing of the skin
.dry mouth
.heavy externities Long term effects. .Absecesses
.Infection of the heart
.Kidney disease
.Liver disease
.Puimonary complications
.Scared or collapsed veins
Heroin Pics Heroin Facts Heroin
Herion Long Term Effects

•Infection of the heart lining and valves
•Kidney disease
•Liver disease
•Pulmonary complications
•Scarred or collapsed veins

Heroin Short Term Effects

•surge of euphoria
•warm flushing
•a dry mouth
•heavy extremities

By:Jens Cadiz, Duncan Lippincott, Kendall Wilson •Secretive or suspicious behavior
•Car accidents, fender benders, household accidents
•Chronic dishonesty
•Trouble with the police
•Unexplained need for money, can't explain where money goes, stealing
•Change in personal grooming habits
Some Changes heroin causes Street names for herion


Street prices for herion

Nickle bag- 5$ of Herion
Dime bag- 10$ worth of herion
Twenty- 20$ worth of herion
Possion of Heroin
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