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Fluids and Motion

8th Grade Science

Edward Raschen

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Fluids and Motion

When a screwball is thrown, air speed and pressure react according to Bernoullis’ Principle. How does wing size affect how birds fly? A glider needs large wings. Greater thrust means greater speed which means faster air and increased lift. How does thrust increase lift? The upward force acting on an airplane wing due to air flow is called… When air is blown, air speed between the sheets increase and pressure decreases. High pressure outside the sheets force them together. What does Bernoulli’s principle say about the speed of a moving fluid? Now it is your turn… An irregular or unpredictable flow of fluids is known as turbulence. The force that opposes or restricts motion in a fluid is called drag. A bird with larger wings can flap less. A bird with small wings must flap its wings at a rapid pace to fly. A high-performance jet needs small wings. The forward force produced by a plane’s engine is thrust. lift Bernoullis’ Principle The fast-moving air above an airplane wing exerts less pressure than the slow-moving air below the wing, according to what? Why does this happen? The air, which has a higher pressure pushes the ball into the water stream, which has a lower pressure. A table-tennis ball attached to a string stays in the water stream under a faucet. When you blow between two sheets of paper held parallel to each other, how is Bernoulli’s principle at work? The faster the fluid’s speed is, the lower the pressure. As you blow harder, the sheets move closer together. What happens if you blow between two sheets of paper held with the flat faces parallel to each other? Chapter 3 Section 3 8th Grade Science
January 15, 2013 Fluids and Motion
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