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Sarah Ernst

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Insurgent

Divergent summary
Divergent is the first book in the Divergent trilogy. In Divergent the narorator is a 16 year old girl named Beatrice Prior. The setting is a future utopian society in Chicago. There are five factions, Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Dauntless, and Amity. All the 16 year olds take a test to find out what faction they should pick. Most only recieve one result. Tris receives 3 results. When choosing day comes, she picks Dauntless. They have to train and they get ranked at the end only the top 10 get to stay in the faction, the others are factionless. Tris is one of the top ranked initiates and others, Peter and his friends, Drew and Molly, get jealous and try to kill her. Tobias comes to save her. She gets first place in the rankings and Drew and Molly become factionless. The night of the initiate dinner, all Dauntless are injected with a serum that one of the leaders of erudite says has a tracking device, but the next morning Tris wakes up and sees that everyone is brain dead, but she plays along because she doesn't want people knowing that she is divergent. She walks with the crowd and they grab guns. She then finds Tobias and they walk to the Abnegation sector of town. The brain dead people start to kill all of the Abnegation leaders which includes Tris', but she doesn't see him. Eric hates Tobias and he thinks he is brain dead so Eric says that he is going to shoot Four and Tris moves and puts her gun to his head. She is taken to the Erudite compound and so is Tobias. Tris is about to be executed for being Divergent, but her mom shows up and saves her then they run to the abnegation hideout, but Tris and her mom get shot and her mom dies. Tris gets to the hideout and finds her friend Will, under the simulation. He about shoots her, but she finds the will to save her own life and shoots him. She continues inside to find her dad and brother. Her dad removes the bullet and stitches it up. Jeanine had made a serum that was usable on Tobias, who is also Divergent and he is put in charge of the control room, where the simulation command are coming from. Tris, Caleb, and their dad go to the dauntless compound to try to stop the signal. When they walk into the compound, Peter is there, but tris shoots his arm so that he cant hurt them and Caleb stays on the ground level with him. Tris and her dad go up the floors to find the control room, but when they get up her dad gets shot in the stomach and Tris has to go on without him. When ttris finds the control room she sees Tobias, but he is under the simulation. Her points a gun at her and she has a gun but kicks it away. She tries to speak to tobias for him to get out of the simulation and he does. they then steel the hardrive together and go to Amity with Marcus, Caleb.
Tris Prior
Tobias Eaton, known to his initiates by the name of Four because he has 4 fears, and is the boyfriend of Tris. He also switched out of Abnegation and into Dauntless. Tobias' nickname is Four because he only has 4 fears. One of them being his father, Marcus Eaton, because when he was younger his father beat him with a belt and abused him and his mom even though they we in Abnegation. Tobias really cares about Tris and doesnt want her to die and gets mad at her when she wants to risk her life all the time for others.
Christina is Tris' best friend except after when Tris kept the secret about killing Christina's boyfriend Will. Christina eventually forgives Tris because she explaines how she had to or she would die. Christina forgave her and they became friends again. Christina isn't as daring as Tris and isn't Divergent. Christina transferred out of Candor and into Dauntless with Tris.
Insurgent Summary
In the book Insurgent, Tris, Marcus, Christina, and Tobias escape the fighting and take refuge at the Amity headquarters. The Amity have one rule, if there is conflict, you must leave. They stay in the amity headquarters for a few days and Tris hides the hard drive in between the dresser in the wall, but one day she checks on it and it isn't there. she walks out of the room and Peter has it. She tackles him and they get pulled apart. After, she is taken to a room where some Amity men inject her with a peace serum and she becomes loopy because they gave her too much. Later that night it wares off and they are having dinner when the Erudite and Dauntless traitors storm in and search for Tris and Tobias and other dauntless. Tris and Christina act as much like Amity girls as they can and they don't get found, but since any kind of fighting is prohibited, all of the dauntless were forced to leave Amity. They then went to the Candor building for refuge and Tris found Uriah and met his two friends, Lynn and Marlene. In Candor they people aren't sure if Tris or Tobias are traitors because they saw footage of them in the servelence room and were confused. They were both were put under the truth serum and even though Tris could resist it, she felt so guilty about not telling everyone that she killed Will, so while under the simulation she still confessed about Will. Christina was so mad at her for not telling and she doesn't want anything to do with Tris anymore. A few days later, She is going down the elavator and when she got to the entrance room, The Erudite and Dauntless traitors attacked, but they didn't have guns, they had gas balls which emitted gas that knocked out all except for the Divergent, as Tris found out. Tris grabbed a Dauntless traitor's jacket with the blue arm band and scoped the second floor for movement. She stepped on peoples' fingers and finally she found a young girl that flinched and told her where to hide. Then Tris was caught by Eric and was taken the the main floor with all the other Divergents that he found including Uriuh. Eric walks around them and explains that he will be taking two of them back to Erudite to test on them. Tris then remembers that she has a knife in her pocket and stabs him in the stomach. There is chaos and everyone starts shooting and Tobias comes and protects her. After, the Dauntless have a meeting to discuss choosing leaders so that they can kill Eric. They pick Tori, Tobias, and Harrison to be the leaders. They have a trial for Eric and find him guilty and they shoot him. Then the leader of Candor has a meeting with a representative of Jeanine, which Tris, Uriuh, Lynn, and Marlene go to listen to, to form a treaty, but Jeanine wants the Divergent. They know that Jeanine must be nearby and they all go looking for her in the streets. They split up and Uriuh and Tris find Jeanine, but then they hear a scream and run in the direction of the noice. It was Shauna. She was shot in the back and paralyzed. The Dauntless decide to go back to dauntless headquarters and they cover all the cameras with paintballs. Tris is woken up by Christina and they run to the roof, where Marlene, Lynn's brother Hector, and a young girl are under a simulation and standing on the edge of the roof. They say that this will happen every two days intill a Divergent is given to the Eudite. They save Hector and the girl, but Marlene falls to her death. Later that day Christina talks to Tris about what happened to Will and forgives her because know she knew how a simulation completely changed them. She decides that night that she is going to go to Erudite to turn herself in, with promising Tobias that she wouldn't go. She walks to Erudite at night after Tobias fell asleep. When she gets there, Jeanine is pleased to see that she is the one who came. Tris agrees to being tested on, but wants to see all of the results or else she would not fully cooperate. Jeanine runs many tests and shows Tris the results, just as they agreed, but when Jeanine is about to run another test, she sees her brother, Caleb, standing at the door, now working for Jeanine. She is stunned that he would betray her. Tris was being escorted to her cell by Peter when she saw Tobias. He said that he came her because the Factionless and Abnegation were joining with Dauntless and attacking the next week. Jeanine tries many simulations o Tris, but none of them work, so Jeanine says that she's going to test one Tobias instaed and sets a date for Tris' execution, but Peter helps them both escape on that day because he owed Tris for saving his life when Erudite attacked at Amity. They all escape to the Abnegation sector where the Factionless and Dauntless are staying until the attack. When they get there, Tris bumps into Marcus and he convinces her that the information that Jeanine is trying to hide is what her parents died for and that they have to show the people this information before they destroy it in the attack. Him, tris, and Christina dress as Amity to talk to Johanna and ask for help. She and many others leave the faction to protect this information too. Tris and Christina then recrute some Erudite refugees to take and when they get there, she realizes that the information will be in Jeanine's private lab, so they go to the top floor and there are two doors, so they each take one. Tris enters a simulation where she has to get past another of her in five minutes, but the problem is that they think the same things. She imagines the simulation giving her a gun and she shoots the other Tris. When she gets in, she finds Tori screeming at Jeanine in a corner. She tries to explain to Tori why she didn't want her dead, but Tori refuses and stabs Jeanine in the stomach. Tris is taken downstairs and looked at as a traitor. THe factionless had taken all the weapons from the Dauntless so that they could set up their new Factionless Government, but then Caleb and Tobias walk in and a video starts to play on every screen. The video is of a woman named Amanda Ritter who is joining the start of the factions with the name Edith Prior. The factions were created because the world had become corrupt and that when the Divergent became numerous, that Amity should open the gates for good so that everyone can be in the real world.
Tobias Eaton
This song describes when Tris and Tobias fight and they dont talk, they both don't feel complete. When Tobias was away, she would sleep in his bed because she missed him.

This song describes what the whole city has, uncontrollable violence.
This song perfectly describes the scene where Tris is about to leave Tobias to go to give herself to the Erudite.
Tris Prior is a nickname for Beatrice Prior. Tris is the main character and narrorator for the first two books in then trilogy. She is a complicated character, always changing emotions. She switched out of Abnegation and into Dauntless. She dates Tobias Eaton, son of Abnegation leader, Marcus Eaton. Tris is Divergent which means that she can resist simulation formulated by Erudite. She is one of the strongest among them. Many times, depending on the situation, Tris says different things about how she is an adult or how she is just a harmless little girl. Jeanine Mathews notices this while trying to run tests on her.
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