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Multimodal tools

Analysis, process, meaning.

Julie Bain

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Multimodal tools

What tools? Why multimodality? Software Expectations Inspiration Powerpoint
(the most ubiquitous) iMovie Camtasia Samson and Delilah Trailer
Thanks to Kath Shelper, the producer, for permission to use the trailer and images for the workshop. Multimodality in education can be transformative - it can lead to new meanings and understanding about texts and about the way we interact with texts.

The use of multimodal texts for teaching and learning allows ‘...for comparisons, contextual clues and boundary crossing between the multiple forms of a language.’

B. Cope and M. Kalantzis (editors) Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and Design of Social Futures. Macmillan Publishers Australia, Melbourne. 2000 By the end of the session we'll have constructed some analyses using ubiquitous software Inspiration/Bubbl Us
Utility (Grab) - maybe?
iMovie or Photostory
Camtasia Things it can do
export as pic - gif/jpg
add notes
export to word Links with
iTunes Modes
Relationships between modes
Meaning making
Challenges can be saved as pictures
can be saved as movie Discussion points
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