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Languages in Switzerland

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LeShawna Togninalli

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Languages in Switzerland

Languages in Switzerland
The Start
Language Diversity
Language boundaries have no effect on religious boundaries
Cantons decide on official languages
Federal Constitution of Swiss Confederation
Government set 3 principles to show diversity
Language territoriality
Language Freedom
63% German
22.7% French
8.5% Italian
.6% Romansh
Language Territoriality
Use language that is most appropriate for that region
Dont use German in highly French region
Each region can have their own language
Language Freedom
Freedom of expression and language
Freedom to speak language of choice only in private setting
More public places require language of the region
Swiss German
Most places German for nationwide communication
Federal Constitution French Confederation Article 70
“The Cantons shall decide on their official languages. In order to preserve harmony between linguistic communities, the Cantons shall respect the traditional territorial distribution of languages and take account of indigenous linguistic minorities”
those in power are decided by the canton
Democracy in cantons as well as naional
Can only act so far
Issue, next higher political position
Expected students have previous background in multilingualism
Provide students with knowledge to be multilingual
cantons responsible for language education
Adjust curriculum to international and business trends
English main language
Most companies require knowledge of english
Offer enlgish training
training abroad
80% know english
Used in military
2007 Swiss Parliament approved New Languages Act
cross cultural encourages individual and institutional multilingualism
Exchanges between teachers and students
english is becoming 5th language
Due to migration and tourism inside and outside
Switch from language to language
Rare to know only 1 language
Migration and tourism
1291 3 cantons fought over Habsburg dynasty
26 Cantons, each independent
Chose language to speak
Own government, boarder
No solid government to solidify single language
Geographical influence
France, Germany, Italy, Austria
Jura - French
Plateau- German North and French South
Alps-All 3 mainly German
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