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The Stock Market Crash

No description

Christen Philips

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of The Stock Market Crash

The Stock Market Crash
Why did the Stock Market Crash?
The stock market crashed because of the investors that put too much capitol on the shares. The stock market gave people the potential to strike it rich, and when the stock market failed all their money fell with it.
What dose it mean to buy on credit?
It means to buy stuff from the limited money the bank lets you borrow, knowing that we will pay the bank back.
The Stock Market Crash
The Stock Market Crash was the most devastating stock market crash in the U.S. history! The stock prices began to decline in September and early October in 1929.
What did the Stock Market led to?
The Stock Market led to the Great Depression, because it left people without jobs and money.
BY: Alfonso, Kevin, and Kate
What is a Stock?
When you put money in a company and become a part owner, excepting a little bit of money back as a reward.
What is a Stock Market ?
The stock market is where people put their stock on sell so people could potentially buy it.
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