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How do natural disasters affect rich vs. poor countries diff

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Angelica Ciarniello

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of How do natural disasters affect rich vs. poor countries diff

How do natural disasters affect rich vs. poor countries differently?
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What types specifically would drastically affect how a country is affected by a disaster? Infrastructure, resources, preparedness, etc. Wealthy countries would have all of these things. They have the government funds to rebuild developments that might have been damaged and the people have savings and insurance to replenish their belongings and food that was lost.
Even though it's proven that natural disasters have a greater impact on developing countries more, wealthier countries are still affected by disasters and have to recover.
rich countries do suffer!
richer countries are probably better off
Usually after a natural disaster, diseases break out and if there isn't enough resources available or clean water, less people will have the chance to be cured and recover from these illnesses. Struggling countries also don't have the funds to rebuild anything that was affected in a disaster, therefore they will be less protected and not as developed. Also, when the homes and properties of these people get destroyed by disasters, they have little to no savings to buy food or basic necessities that they might have lost, and no insurance to cover it either. The government wouldn't really have any resources or funds either.
why poor countries definitely suffer more
Of course most deaths caused by natural disasters are in poor countries but, poor or rich, there is another population that suffers. "Among tsunami-displaced persons in Aceh, Indonesia after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the highest death rates were among people aged over 60. Older people are often 'invisible' in emergencies, sometimes because limited mobility keeps them out of public sight, but often because aid agencies don't collect data on the basis of age or because they simply haven't considered the particular needs of older populations."
largest death rate?
I have gathered information about how natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods and tsunamis affect different countries in the world, and whether the financial state of that country has anything to do with it.
fact: 95% of deaths caused by natural disasters occur in poor countries
"poor people live in less well-constructed houses than their better-off compatriots, and these are more susceptible to destruction by wind, flood, or earthquake than stronger, more expensive housing" and
"they have few options for escape when a natural crisis is predicted because such options cost money"
series of wildfires in california
One of the most recent occurrences of a natural disaster in a richer country was in 2014, the state of California saw a pattern of very large and devastating wildfires, approximately 5,620 in total. They caused 146 injuries and 2 fatalities, also at least $184.02 million USD in damage.
so wealthy countries still do have natural disasters and have to face the realities and devastation equally as much as poorer places in the world.




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