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Jackie Robinson

The life of a legend

Elijah Horton

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson

Baseball Legend Jackie Robinson Personal Info Legacy Went to John Muir High school
Attended the University of California
Played basketball, football, track, and baseball
His brother Matthew Robinson inspired him the most because he won a silver medal in the 1936 summer olympics in Berlin, Germany, in the mens 200 meter dash
This inspired Jackie Robinson to be the best athlete he could be Early Life Jackie Robinson's contract was bought from the Montreal Royals, which are a minor league team, by the Brooklyn Dodgers in
His debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers was on April 15, 1947
He won the unified rookie of the year award his rookie year
He led the Dodgers to the national league pennant his rookie year
He won the MVP award in 1949
He was the first professional African American baseball player Breaking The Barrier His career batting average was .311 which back in the 40's and 50's was pretty good
Made the all star game six times in his career
He was inducted into the baseball hall of fame in 1962
After he retired from baseball his number, number 42 was retired by all MLB teams
He retired on October 10, 1956
Pro Baseball Career Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said the he was " a legend and a symbol in his own time", and that he "Challenged the dark skies of intolerance and frustration
There is a Jackie Robinson Foundation located in lower Manhattan which gives scholarships to "young people who live by and embody Jackie's ideas" Born on January 31, 1919
Died on October 24, 1972
Born in Cairo, Georgia
Mom's name was Mallie Robinson
Dad's name was Robert Robinson
Sibling's names were Willa Mae, Frank, Edgar and most important Mack
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