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Into the Wild: Exploration into the Journey of Chris McCandless

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Drewby Almonte

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Into the Wild: Exploration into the Journey of Chris McCandless

Into the Wild Exploration into the Journey of Chris McCandless,
and Settings Visited Throughout IOP By: Andrew Almonte El Segundo, California El Segundo - City where Chris was born - (while Walt was still married to his first wife) -February 12, 1968 Annandale, Virginia - The McCandless family moved east to Annadale, VA
- Walt, Chris' father took a job with NASA, and his mom as a secretary of a flight company.
- Chris grew up here in the public school setting.
- As he entered High School, he kept a high A average, and was very active and good at cross country. - As a young man, through Woodson High School, Chris was in a successful and demanding setting. In this setting, he felt his parent's were very demanding of success. He grew up wealthy, yet he had a strong work ethic. Early and Teenage Years How the Annandale Setting Affected Chris: - Chris was extremely successful in this setting with Cross Country, Academics, and Socially.

- Chris had great opportunity in Annandale, through his intelligence as well as his well known parents.
Ex. He was able to require his own wealth through work. (p. 116)

-However, we see Chris later viewing his younger years with his parents as demanding, pressured, and very negatively viewed. Perhaps leading to his journey west - Annandale played major influence in Chris' ways of thinking and developing ideas! Atlanta, Georgia -Originally, Chris did not wish to attend college or seek employment in a career.
- Finally, convinced by his parents, he attends Emory University for his college education. Effects of the Emory Setting: - Chris received and graduated with a high college education, accumulating great grade averages, and other honors.

- Chris acquired knowledge and had time to be away from his family, to ponder on his beliefs (read authors like Jack London and Henry David Theorau), who he was, and who he would be in the future. Solo Trip to the West - Chris decided to make a trip to the West, right out of High School.

- He drove to California and visited El Segundo, hid home town. Significance of this Setting - Chris loved the West, this setting was a foreshadowing of his upcoming journey.
" The West is the best."
- Chris found out the truth of his father's first marriage, and his anger began to build up inside. (p.121) Detrital Wash, Leak Mead, Nevada - Chris leaves his family after graduating from Emory, gives away his money, and tramps to his beloved West.
- Chris camped out by this Lake, "basking in his new found freedom" (p. 27)
- He had experienced nature some before, with his first trip to El Segundo, and some hiking when he was young. Although, he was just now experiencing his complete freedom in nature, open to new thoughts, and trying to put away thoughts of his past.

- Chris' love for nature derived from experience in the nature setting, living off the land, as well as from the authors which inspired him. (p. 25) Lake Tahoe, California Sierra Nevada Mountains Spent a week hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (p.29) Orick, California -"Riding his thumb", Chris enjoying the constant setting change, ended up in Orick, California, just 60 miles south of the Oregon border.

- Met Jan and Bob, while he was picking road side plants to eat, starving for food.

Cut Bank, Montana - Chris Meets Wayne Westerberg, and travels with him to Carthage, South Dakota Carthage, South Dakota - Chris worked as at a grain elevator for Wayne, and he loved the city, and was a harder worker. Carthage's affect on Chris: - Chris loved Wayne and respected him greatly (found in Chris' post card to Wayne).

- Chris loved the city as a place to settle down while he sought the next place to go or journey to take.

- Later, Chris would come back to Carthage, just before going to Alaska. Needles, California (Colorado River) - Chris is "Jubilant" to have crossed the boarder without Government interference.

- Although the Mexican river and beauty of the scenery captivates Chris, he soon returns to the United States after facing some troubles. Bullhead City - Chris got jailed at the Us border, went to Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and now ends up in Bullhead City, Arizona.

- Here he settles down, working at McDonald's for two months. He uses his real name and information. Significance of Bullhead City: - Chris was able to settle down, and "rest" after a long period of fast pace travel.

- Chris had a chance to experience a taste of normal life, with a job, and working for pay.

- Chris was able to rebuild his strength, after he had wrote in his journal that he had lost over 25 pounds of weight. - After traveling through San Diego, CA, meeting Ronald Franz, and also meeting back up with Jan and Bob... Chris finally makes it back to Carthage to see Wayne again.

- He works on the grain elevator for quite some time until he finally decides to take his big step, live in the wild of Alaska, like he has always dreamed. Fairbanks, Alaska Significance of Fairbanks: - Chris was able to study at the local library and educational facilities about plant life and surviving in the wild before he went out.

- Unknown by Chris, this would also be his last experience in actual civilization and society. The Stampede Trail Bus 142 Significance of Alaska to Chris: - Chris was living as free as ever, self- actualized mentally.
- He was totally dependent on the land and nature.
- He was totally cut off from society.
- He had all the time he needed to ponder and grasp the beauty of nature which was so important to him.
- (p.189)
- Chris did plan to come out alive, but died satisfied. Conclusion: - Setting was extremely important in the story and journey of Chris McCandless.

- Nature was largely significant for Chris as a setting to seek REFUGE, and find himself.

- Chris lived a "free" life, having a constantly changing setting and atmosphere, impacting people, and experiencing nature's master pieces.

- The setting of Chris' death in the Alaskan Interior, at BUS 142, is hugely significant as a symbol of a young man who dared to be different, and impacted the world.
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