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year 12 assignment

Eva Carless

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Unemployment

By Eva Carless Unemployment The Facts Health Risks what is Volunteering Where you
can Volunteer The Facts

. Health Risks unemployment is known to be detrimental to health over and above the effects of social status, poverty, risk factors and prior ill-health. unemployment has a significant adverse effect on both physical and mental health. unemployed people and their families suffer a substantially increased risk of premature death. they have more serious chronic illness, greater prevalence of disability and suffer more psychological illness, stress and anxiety. unemployed people are less likely to have strong support networks. long term unemployment increases the risk of self-harm, suicide and attempted suicide. What is volunteering? Volunteering is an activity which takes lots of different forms: formal or informal, individual or in groups, inside or outside, local or overseas. volunteering is an activity which can suit every lifestyle, ability, interest and skill, while also having lots of fun in the process. In Australia there are lots of different organizations that provide and train volunteers. For example such organizations as, Volunteer's Australia, Lions, Salvation Army, Mission Australia, Red Cross, Red Frogs, Life Line, St Vincent's De Paul's and Meals on Wheels, Surf Life Saving and SEEK can offer training and volunteer positions. But if your trying to find work, asking a local business in the work field that you are interested in can worthwhile, as you can learn the job, gain experience and meet people of the same trade. Volunteering for a local business can lead to paid work. Where to visit for information visit these websites for more information on how to get involved:

Volunteer's Australia- http://www.australianvolunteers.com
Lions Club- http://www.lionsclubs.org.au
Salvation Army- http://www.salvationarmy.org.au
Missions Australia- http://www.missionsaustralia.com.au
Red Cross- http://www.redcross.org.au
Red Frogs- http://au.redfrogs.com
Life Line- http://www.lifeline.org.au
St Vincent De Paul- http://www.vinnies.org.au
Meals on Wheels- http://www.mealsonwheels.org.au
Surf Life Saving Australia- http://www.sls.com.au
SEEK- http://www.seek.com.au The Facts Health Risks a study undertaken by Queensland Health in 2002 found that people who were unemployed were 70% less likely to report good or very good quality of life or rate their health status as good, very good or excellent. People who were unemployed were also 30% less likely to exhibit good health behaviors in relation to nutrition, physical activity levels and smoking. How volunteering can help Volunteering can help an unemployed individual in many ways. Volunteering can teach new skills, life lessons, work ethic and boundaries. Volunteering can also keep you connected actively to society and the community, it can also build self-confidence and also keep up social engagement, meeting new people and making friends can also come from volunteering. The major factor that volunteering can give to an unemployed individual is work experience and new contacts which can turn into/ help find paid employment. Unemployment always hits individuals the hardest. The jobless causes lose of self respect, purpose, sense of achievement and, of course, income. As a school leaver the next chapter in life is to seek employment, whether it’s full time, part time or casual. In August 2012, there were 63 800 young people dynamically seeking for full-time work, an increase of 800 on the previous month.The youth unemployment rate in Australia during this year started (January) at 63.8%, then changed to 60.1% (April) and then spiked back up to 67.3% (September). These statistics show that the rate and number of unemployed youth (school leavers) in Australia is on the rise.
For further information check out this website
http://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/pubs/MSB/15 Thank-you Please rate this resource at

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XXCWXVT What to do to reduce the risk! As stated unemployment is linked to low self-esteem and self worth, which are linked to stress, anxiety, depression, etc..... One way that unemployed individuals can combat these factors and stay in the "game", both mentally and physically is by volunteering .
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