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The Fred Factor

No description

Teresa Hughes

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of The Fred Factor

The Fred Factor
By: Mark Sanborn
Chapter Two
The Fred Principles
Chapter One -
The First Fred
Fred Shea-The Postman-
Denver, CO-
Washington Park
Excellence and Quality
should be the goals of every person in any business or profession.
Create a
Fred Award
who demonstrates his trademark spirit of service, innovation, and commitment.
Fred Award
Anyone can be a Fred!
That includes you!
Mark Sanborn's Thoughts-
-Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.
-There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs.
-Faithfully doing your best, independent of the support, acknowledgment, or reward of
others, is a key determinant in a fulfilling career.
-The ability to create value for customers without spending more money to do it.
-You can make your business, as well as your life, anything you choose it to be.
The Four Principles-
Principle 1: Everyone Makes A Difference
Principle 2: Success Is Built On Relationships
Principle 3: You Must Continually Create Value
For Others, And It Doesn't Have To
Cost A Penny
Principle 4: You Can Reinvent Yourself Regularly
Chapter Three
Fred Sightings
1. Share your favorite Fred type on pages 16-26.
2. Have you encountered a Fred?
Part 2
Becoming A Fred
Read aloud page 29 first paragraph.
What do you think?
Be A Fred!
If you want a world with more Freds, be a Fred. Only when you
make the ordinary extraordinary
will others see the possibilities for themselves.
One thing seems common to all human beings: A passion for significance.
The person doing the work determines the difference between the mundane and the magnificent.
If You Choose To Do The Right Thing For The Right Reason, Your Possibilities Are Endless!
The feedback, recognition, and satisfaction that come from being a Fred will fuel ongoing, quality efforts.
Chapter Four Everyone Makes
A Difference
Did you wake up this morning intending to change the world?
Even better than Random Acts of Kindness:
Why not "Practice Acts
of the Extraordinary Regularly"?
Refer to page 36.
The power of a committed individual.
Refer to page 37.
The difference of a great idea.
Refer to page 38.
Three Difference-Making Strategies:
Strategy 1: Identify when you'll make a
Strategy 2: Target the people to whom
you will make a difference.
(Customers, Family, Boss,
Teammates, Friends and
Strategy 3: Be the difference.
What difference will you make today?
Chapter Five
Success is Built
on Relationships
Success is built one relationship
at a time.
How Can You Be A Fred?
Freds build relationships-even with three-year-olds
The Seven Bs of Relationship Building:
1. Be real.
2. Be interested (not just interesting).
3. Be a better listener.
4. Be empathic.
5. Be honest.
6. Be helpful.
7. Be prompt.
Beyond Interactions
Refer to pages 48-49.
Chapter Six
Continually Create
Value for Others
Favorite Quote
"There are two types of people who never achieve very much in their lifetimes. One is the person who won't do what he or she is told to do, and the other is the person who does no more than he or she is told to do." Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie, a self-made steel tycoon and one of the
wealthiest 19th century U.S. businessmen,
donated towards the expansion of the
New York Public Library.



are true artists at taking ordinary products or job responsibilities and services and making them extraordinary.
A Crash Course in Adding Value
1. Tell the Truth
2. Practice personality power
3. Attract through artistry
4. Meet needs in advance
5. Add "good stuff."
6. Subtract "bad stuff."
*Irritation and frustration
7. Simplify
8. Improve
9. Surprise Others
10. Entertain others

Chapter Seven
Reinvent Yourself Regularly
Start Today!
Today you can begin the process of becoming who you want to be.
The best way to grow your value is to grow yourself.
Get Motivated!
Having a compelling reason-a passion or purpose-to become more Fred-like is what will stir your motivation.
Spend some time reflecting on the past:
1. What are the most important lessons you've
2. What did you once deeply desire to accomplish
that you never attempted?
3. Which people most shaped your life, and what did
you learn from them?
4. Whom do you admire the most?
5. Which of their skills and characteristics would you
like to develop in your life?
It is not enough just to have good ideas if you do not do something with them.

Try one extraordinary thing a day, whether at home or at work, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year (even while on vacation), your life will soon be a record book of the extraordinary.
INFLUENCES: You May Never Know!
It is possible that you are making significant impressions on others and don't even know it?
You never know who is watching and listening.
Part 3
Developing Other Freds
Fred Leaders
Having Freds as teammates and leaders within your organization will distinguish it as a truly
How can we develop Freds?

Chapter Eight
There are three basic ways to seek out Freds, both inside and outside your organization.
1. Let Them Find You
2. Discover Dormant Freds
3. Hire Freds
Here's what you should ask a prospective Fred:
*Who are your heroes? Why?
*Why would anyone do more than necessary?
*Tell me three things that you think would delight
most customers/clients/consumers.
*What's the coolest thing that's happened to you as a
*What is service?
Here are some questions to ask yourself about a potential Fred:
*What do I remember most about this person?
*What's the most extraordinary thing he or she
has ever done?
*How badly would this person be missed if he or
she left his or her current position?
Chapter Nine
---We get the behavior we reward.

---Even the smallest gestures make the world a better place.

---When people feel their contributions are unappreciated, they will stop trying.
Implement Your Reward Strategy
Read aloud pages 84-85
Be Real
Don't forget that sincere praise for trying--written as well as spoken frequently in public and in private--is one of the best rewards.
Chapter Ten
Attempt to teach the principles embodied in The Fred Factor:
1. Find Examples Everywhere
2. Dissect and Debrief
3. Teaching Miracle Working
4. Pull, Don't Push
Every organization in the world today should be teaching employees how to be extraordinary.

"You teach what you know, but you reproduce who you are."
---John Maxwell

Chapter Eleven Demonstrate
When those who know are able to show, those who learn are able to grow.

Three Ways to Help Make This a World Full of Freds:
1. Recognize the Freds in your life.
2. Acknowledge Freds for their contribution.
3. Pay Freds back.
What you can do to set an example to INSPIRE:
1. Inspire, but don't intimidate.
2. Involve.
3. Initiate.
4. Improvise.
Part 4
For the Love of Fred
Chapter Twelve
Fred Today

What Motivates Fred?
1. Do good and you'll feel good.
2. The best never rest.
3. Treat customers and others as friends.
4. The impact you have on others is the reward.
5. Live the golden rule.
6. Fear nothing except to waste the moment.

Fred says, "Look to every day as a new day, and make each day better than the last."
Chapter Thirteen
The Fred Spirit
People become more lovable when they are loved.

Fred does his ordinary job each day with
compassion and heart
, and his work becomes

Mark Sanborn says, "What makes any act
is doing it with heart. What makes any life
is living it with
. That's the secret of the Fred Factor."
Other books by
Mark Sanborn
1. Does each person on your team know that he
or she makes a difference?

2. Does everyone know how to build

3. Does everyone know how to create value?

4. Do team members realize how much more
they could reinvent themselves and their
business through innovation and passionate
The Fred Report Card (appendix):
1. Awareness.
2. Agenda.
3. Attitude.
4. Action.
5. Accomplishment.
Thank you for participating in The Fred Factor book study. "Make each day your masterpiece." ---Joshua Wooden
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