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Kelp Forests!

No description

jithin pagldgsd

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Kelp Forests!

Kelp Forests
Jithin Palooparambil
Jillian Napoli

Abiotic factors
- they cause an
- needed for kelp to grow

must not be too high or too low
- amount depends on the temp
- nothing says home like a rock
Do they even do anything?
All over the world in temperate and polar coastal waters
Macro algae
restricted to temps at about 20C
The basic structure looks like...
So yeah an upwelling..
The Great Upwelling
Biotic Factors
Kelp forests are classified into layers
Top layer : Canopy
Middle layer: Blades and Stipe
Bottom layer: Holdfast
Top Layer biotic factors
Sea Urchins
Sea Otters
Middle Layer
Giant Kelp Fish
Bottom Layer
Rosy Rock Fish
They adapted by being able to camouflage with the color of the kelp and the shape of its blades.

They can even change color to blend in.
Works Cited
They look like and tend to hide around rocks for protection from predators. They also hide among rocks while hunting for food in order to sneak up on them.
Another fun adaptation
The stipe of kelp are hallow, allowing them to float and stand up straight.
Commensalism symbiosis
Bat Stars and Annelid Worms
The worms reside in the groves of the bat star's arms and eats the food the star fish missed.
Do we use kelp for anything?
yes a lot actually,
we use it for:
algin is used to make ice cream, make up, toothpaste, etc etc
treats goiter, arthritis, thyroid problems, etc
Human Impact on Kelp forests
Sea Otter fur hunting/trading
Pollution and runoff
Kelp needs clean water to grow and survive
Near shore over fishing
Kelp Forests and sea grass meadows
They both grow in shallow areas
A lot of them grow together
They both provide shelter for many different species
Sea grass is responsible for 15% of the Earth's carbon storage.
Leopard Shark and Horn Shark
A horn shark's teeth are used for grasping and biting, while the leopard shark has a mouth which allows it to simply scoop up organisms on the ocean floor.
Co-Evolution: Kelp and Giant kelp fish
It evolved in order to match the color of the kelp. As kelp changed it changed
Generalized niche
The holdfast of kelp is able to lock onto practically any hard surface. This allows them to grow almost anywhere.
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