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The Legend Of Jesse Owens

No description

Nick Ceriani

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Legend Of Jesse Owens

About the Author
Hank Nuwer was born August 19th, 1946 in Buffalo, New York. He is the author of books such as Wrongs of Passage, High School Hazing, Broken Pledges: the Deadly Rite of Hazing and The Legend of Jesse Owens. Broken Pledges was made into a NBC-TV movie called Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges, including people such as Barry Bonds, a San Francisco Giants baseball player. It was Filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Since this book was a biography, it had multiple settings that it told about. It told about Places where Jesse competed and his Hometown.
-Berlin for the Olympics
-Ann arbor Michigan for Big ten Championships
The legend of Jesse Owens
The legend of Jesse Owens was written in 1998 and published by Franklin Watts, and is the Biography about Jesse Owens life and rise to fame.
About Jesse Owens
- Born in Oakville, Alabama

- James Cleveland Owens

- 7th and youngest child

- Grandson of a slave

- Moved to Cleveland, Ohio
While he lived in Cleveland he....
- Changed his name to Jesse

- Attended Fairmount Junior High School

- Attended East Technical High School

- Chose Ohio State as his college
While Attending Ohio State
- He worked off tuition by having multiple small jobs.

- He was treated unfairly

- NCAA Championships
the 21-year-old Ohio State sophomore tied the world record in the 100-yard dash and then set the world record in the long jump, the 220-yard dash and the 220 low hurdles.

-Big ten Championships
"at the 1935 Big Ten Track and Field Championships in Ann Arbor, Mich., Jesse Owens didn't rewrite the record book -- he tore it up."
- Sports Illustrated

The Legend Of Jesse Owens

Thank you!
By Hank Nuwer
- Hitler becomes chancellor in 1934

- Form a new government

- Anti-Jew propaganda

- Hitler's Aryan supremacy theory

- Law limiting who could train for/compete in the Olympics

- Possible boycotts around the world

- "Hide the racism"
Germany Leading up to the Olympics

- Owens' domination at the olympics upset Hitler according to Nuwen

- Jesse was sponsored by Adidas

- Jewish and African American medaled at these olympics; went against everything Hitler was trying show the world. showed Aryan race was not superior.

- Hitler was dumbfounded

- Luz Long was the German Superstar who came 2nd to an African, non-Aryan. Jesse Owens.

At the Olympics
- Nazi Germany

- Hitler is proved wrong, Aryans are not superior.

- Germany was victorious, But no one around the world cared

- Jesse Owens is a world wide hero

- America struggles with discrimination

Affects Around the World
Jesse Owens Legacy
- Died in Tuscan, Arizona

Owens recieved The Presidential Medal of Freedom and The Congressional Gold Medal. Jesse Owens Apparel and Shoes and stuff are in Museums and exhibits around the US

Social, Economic, Cultural Enviroments
Social- Adolph Hitler Becomes chancellor in 1934. He verbally acclaims "Aryans"(blonde hair, blue eyes, traditional German) as the superior race
Economic- The United States is still coming out of, and recovering from the Great Depression

Cultural- The United States is still heavily segregated, racist, and brutal for African Americans
Jesse Owens is an american Track star who grew up in a segregated United States, and over came the odds and went on to break NCAA records and win Gold medals in the 1936 Berlin olympics, in Adolph Hitler's city.
Why was Jesse Owens significant?
Jesse Owens was significant because he was an african american who grew up in a segregated, racist America and overcame it all, and went on to win Gold medals in the 1936 Olympics
Someone who i admire...
A person i admire here is Jesse because he persevered through the hardships he encountered in being african american in a segregated America
A person i am similar to
I believe i am similar to Jesse because i do not give up easily, i persevere until i get things done, and i dont let things that others say affect the way that i live my life
How Jesse Owens affected the lives of others at this time
Jesse Owens was very brave and strong to be able to go to a country where blacks were frowned upon, and to go there and succeed boosted the moral of the world and showed that Germany truly wasnt that powerful
Information i learned from this book and Greatest value
In this book i learned that it can only take 1 person to sway the tide of something, and that everyone makes a difference, big or small in some way.
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