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Startopia! My Utopian Society

No description

Madison White

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Startopia! My Utopian Society

Startopia! My Utopian Society.
It was successful for many years, yet still had problems.
The community in the Giver was successful for years. The elders and people enjoyed the serene, peaceful, orderly community... except for the Receiver and Giver because they know these people need to remember feelings,color, and love. The problems in the Giver are that the Receiver and Giver truly believe that the people and elders should enjoy colors, love and other feelings and still have to endure pain as well.
The Pledge of Allegiance to Startopia:
I pledge allegiance to Startopia and Jesus Christ my Lord, this day and forevermore. I shall follow God's commandments through everyday life and the rules of my nation,Startopia.
The defintion of a utopian society is an ideally perfect society especially in politics and appearance. Another defintion is a perfect society with no war, deppresion, bullies, and everyone is kind.
The goal of a utopian society is for everyone to be friends.

Startopia is my Utopian Society.
The population is about 450 people, on average 300 adults and 150 kids as of the 2010 census.
God Bless Startopia
Our home
We need You to guide us and watch us
From the mountains
To the plateaus
To the farms with the chickens
God Bless Startopia
Our home
God Bless Startopia
Our home.

This is accomplished by everyone and everything being exactly the same.
What is a Utopian Society?
What Is The Goal of a Utopian Society?
According to The Giver...
By:Ariana White 6-15
The Population size of Startopia
National Anthem of Startopia:
How to become a citizen.
If you are not born in Startopia you must say the pledge and sing the anthem before entry and once you are there you may never leave until death. If you are born into it you say the pledge and sing the anthem everyday before you reach thirteen years of age. Then you must say: I (your name) pledge to be a citizen of Startopia today, tomorrow, and forever.
Every 12 years new leaders are elected. Every 24 years new advisers of the leaders and courts of law and justice are elected. All elections are done by the Observers Committee. The Observers Committee is a group of 7 people who are citizens and observe the candidates for these positions of power, they also elect their successors after one of them has died.
There are nine leaders, eighteen advisers of the leaders, and there are twelve courts of justice in all.
In Startopia everyone has a right to an education and you cannot get a job until you are fully educated at age 23. In school you learn mathematics, science, literature, grammar, history, music, art, and physical education.You start school in Pre-K 4 and you go all the way through 12th grade like we do, but you only go to college for 4 years starting at 19 years old. School is 6 days a week instead of five because you only get Sunday off.
The Observing Committee not only elects government officials, but assigns jobs as well. Starting at age 14 they begin to watch you and take note of your hobby's and after-school activities.Once a year they get together for two weeks and discuss which 23 year old shall get which job. Several of the jobs we have in our community are in this community, but the Observing Committee also elects their people from the same age group.
Each household has 3 children and the parents decide of which gender.
Fifty children are born each year from Birth mothers and then are sent to the house of newborns. At the house of newborns a set of parents may choose one child a year until there are three and when the three grow up they must live childless until 95 years old then they go to a nursing home.
When you are 28 you are given a spouse from the Observing Committee who pairs you with the perfect match. At thirty you may receive your first child also you must receive all three in a matter of 12 years.
Startopia is a Roman Catholic Society. School is out for Sundays because it is the Sabbath. You get 30 days off for Advent and Christmas. 7 days off for Easter, and on these days there is no work except for absolutely necessary jobs like doctors.
One problem may be that each household is only allowed three children. And another one might be that you only go to school until you are twenty-three. And three more might be that you are assigned your job, husband or wife, and children.
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