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Welcome to my Prezi Resume.

Mr/Mrs Eldridge

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of KristinELDRIDGE.Presume

Nashua N.H. • 603/318-8986

emailkrishere@gmail.com • linkedin.com/in/eldridgekristin/

After deployment in Afghanistan than later in the Middle East,
my husband accepted a permanent position in the N.H. Army National Guard.

We are a military family
with out
the concerns of relocation or transfers .
My husband and only son are both enlisted servicemen in the ARMY.
2009 signed with
CASEY Family Services.

ISO Therapeutic Foster Parent
focusing on adolescent reintegration from residential and juvenile rehabilitation programs.

In 2012, I joined Easter Seals AmeriCorps as an Veterans Support Caseworker

• Consistently exceeded sales goals - currently at 135% of assigned quota
• Selected by team to manage and improve overall call activity and quality
• Generated a qualified pipeline of over $1.2 Million in a 5 month period
•Identified, targeted and successfully connected with C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies

I attribute my passion and successes to my creativity, work ethic and ability to effectively interact with clients.
An enthusiastic, extremely organized & a forward thinking team member, ready to tackle new challenges.

"She was able to work very independently, requiring minimal supervision from Program Manager."
"She kept thorough records, submitted program reports and documentation on time, every time."
"She demonstrated excellent social service skills, actively listened and communicate effectively."
"She treated all people with respect and handled difficult situations with grace & solid judgment."
Program Director
NASHUA N.H. 03060
Veteran Support. Easter Seals AmeriCorps. Merrimack, N.H. 2012-2013
Provider works independently with no supervision, rotating caseload consisting of Veterans and Military family members affected by post deployment transitions.
Intensive background screenings required. Arranges support, transport, and in home services.

Easter Seals AmeriCorps Veterans Count program disbanded in October of 2013.
My adult son is enlisted in the Army National Guard.

As a mother of an independent child I am afforded the luxury of unbound flexibility for my work schedule, availability to provide coworker coverage and on call options
Two successful family reunification's.
100% high school graduate rate of children placed with me via CASEY Family Services.

2013 Casey Family Services Foster Child division disbanded.
Lutheran Social Services purchased my contract for services with in the month.
Awarded CNCS National Trust Educational Award
Legacy Corps January 2014
2006 Relocated back to my home state of New Hampshire
Living in down town Nashua,
local parks provide the convenience to peruse my hobbies regardless of any lengthy commutes for employment.
Two successful family reunification's.
One successful Independent living transition.
Maintained mandated C.E.U. per each year.
2013 signed with Lutheran Family Services currently known as Ascentia,
Working as an ISO Therapeutic Foster Parent focusing on Bridge home placements and adolescent reintegration from residential programs.

2007 Job placement with Southern N.H. Services

Promoted to
Parent Aide (PA)
with in 2 weeks

36 hours week min
6 revolving cases
newborn - 17 year old clients
Covering all of N.H. & Mass

Working independently
Rotating caseload referred by DHHS
Supervise visits
Explain services
Record observations
Transportation covering N.H. & MASS
Maintain confidentiality
Provide court testimony as needed
Submit weekly reports briefing
collateral's and CPWS assigned
to clients
Collaboration with treatment
team providing resources to
strengthen the clients family for maintaining a home placement or client reunification with family.

In home and wraparound services
Stabilize household
Nutrition Education
Behavioral modification
Home organization
Parenting and life skills
Credit understanding and repair
As well as maintaining PA
Promoted to
Case Aide (CA)
with in 1 year

38 hours week min
6 revolving cases
Trained new shadows
Attended meetings unsupervised briefing dept. supervisor

Criminal and DMV back ground screening passed annually
Working independently
Rotating caseload referred by DHHS
Record observations
Transportation covering N.H. & MASS
Maintain confidentiality
Submit weekly transportation logs and billings
Placed as an Assisted Transport Provider
2010 S.N.H.S. Parent Aide division disbanded.
MAPP Trainer
(Massachusetts Approach
to Partnerships in Parenting)

MAPP Trainer of Trainers

PAYA (Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood)
2006 I resigned
to relocate to New Hampshire.

Seeking a higher quality
of daily life and an affordable cost of
Provide therapeutic, structured, supportive environment for children facing neglect, physical/emotional disabilities and sexual, mental, physical
Employed as ISO Theraputic Foster Parent

Arrange resources, support services, transport, attend appointments
and dispense medications.
Granite State College
C.E.U Therapeutic Services

2008 – 2010
•MANT 1 & 2 •MAPP & Trainer of Trainers •PAYA •F.A.C.E.S. •H.I.PP.A.• Mandatory Reporting •Drug Education •Inhalant Abuse •Promoting Healthy Eating Habits •Advocating of Special Needs Children • Child Development. Infancy through School •Fostering Success in School •Guiding Teens through NH TRAILS •Transitions in Adolescents Development •Animal Care: Asses & Treating Animal Abuse •Autism Spectrum Disorders •Caring for Emotionally Disabled Child •De-Escalating & Preventing Runaways •Effects of Domestic Violence on Children •Effects of Childhood Trauma •Experience of Grief and Loss •Foundations of Cultural Effectiveness •Juvenile Fire Setting •Mental Health/ Wellness of Foster Child •Promoting Positive Behavior •Reactive Attachment Disorder •The Developing Child •Treating the Aggressive Child •Specialized Care •Unique Adolescents Needs in Fostering •Children Exhibiting Sexual Behaviors •Fostering the Sexually Abused Child •Understanding & preventing Sexual Abuse •Childhood Infectious Diseases •Computerized Billing •CPR & Child CPR •First Aide & Child First Aid •Insurance Form Preparations •Promoting Healthy Eating Habits •Medication Administration
Benefits to New Hampshire Businesses

WRNH Graduates with a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) have proven themselves ready for employment and promotion by testing successfully areas covered by the credential: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information

The NCRC can reduce hiring time and costs. Improvements in the skills documented by the NCRC have been shown by research to improve the quality of new hires, reduce training time, reduce turnover, and increase productivity.

WRNH individuals participate in a 60 hour soft skills training course taught by the community colleges simulating workplace-related settings and covers areas include:
General expectations
Workplace safety
Communication skills
Team-building & conflict resolution
On-the-job training
Customer service
Performance review

ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) 2014

"She demonstrated an ability to advocate for the children's need's as well as her own."
"She has been an asset to our program"

"Having compassion for her clients, holding them accountable and building self empowerment"

"she will make an excellent employee ad continue to be an effective team player."

"she is a dedicated and flexible employee that exhibits a very strong work ethic."

"She is able to maintain professional boundaries and I would personal boundaries"

"Clearly dedicated to this work, and constantly strive(s) for better"
"always willing to try something new"
Social Security Representative Payee.
Social Security Dept. Salem District, MA. 2002-2007

Assist, advise, and allocate funds for children collecting disability.
Report, enforce federal and state regulations.
Educational Surrogate Parent & Advocate. MASS Collaboration for Education.
Salem District, MA. 2002-2007
Advise, manage, advocate, and assist families in education administrative hurdles in meeting clients I.E.P needs.
Bachelor's Degree, Psychology
Minor Family Study
3.83 gpa summa cum laude
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