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Following the Money

Joseph Rhoades

Joseph Rhoades

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Following the Money

Following the Money Joseph Rhoades
JCR9967 SBI Presentation
April 28th, 2010 Whats the Issue? NBA age restrictions

the lure of big money

The possible financial damage being done to American college basketball and NBA basketball.

First things First NBA players leaving for higher salaries “The NBA had better be careful, European teams are offering a lot of money. It’s much more than I could make signing for the midlevel exception” -Boki Nachbar NBA basketball player Is This Really a Problem? The fear is that these very wealthy European organizations will be able to pay these players such enormous amounts that not just role players will be the ones leaving for the big bucks

With so much money, the craving for stardom is easily achivable.

American players especially are easily marketable

Alot of the European teams use many incentives to sway players vene more to come to enjoy the European lifestyle. The Trickle Down Effect Post high Schoolers opting Europe over college With so much money to their disposal, European teams like Lottomatica Roma of Italy, and Olympicos of Greece have focused their attention of High Schoolers who seek fortune over college basketball. This is still very recent, but there seems to be mixed results in the success of these post-high school players. "If the Price is right, It'd be hard for anyone to turn down" -Kobe Bryant L.A. Lakers What could we see in professional basketball over the next decade? Forgeign players, even the ones who are NBA stars could venture to Europe

With a potential NBA lockout in the 2011-2012 season, it's possible many players, even the very popular American players could spend their basketball season staying in game shape while also achieving consistent financial stability

The old idea of winning being important could suddenly become second best to the idea of dollar signs

Is this good? Jeremy Tyler Elected to skip his final year of high school to try to advance his abilities in a professional league in Europe “I know I can do great things with my talent. My goal in life is to get better. Playing with the pro guys will get me a lot better faster. It will help me fulfill my dreams of playing in the NBA.”

– Jeremy Tyler 3 years 26 million reasons Will this trend continue? "College would be a bunch of nobodies, TV interest would drop and the overall product would suffer." VS -David Bauman President of Hoops Management “He was bored in high school. He said that every game. He’d just get the rebound and shoot it back in the hole. I said, ‘we’re wasting this guy’s time. He’s not getting the challenge he deserves.’ As a parent, all you want to see is your kid strive to be his best.” – James Tyler Jeremy Tyler's Father With the increasing interest in high school players, and available money to offer players, what lies ahead is uncertain. What I've Learned The financial repercussions will affect american basketball both professionally and collegially If a lockout occurs in the NBA, the possibility of NBA stars playing in Europe almost like we see soccer players on Loan could be a reality. Young basketball players seeking success and wealth in Europe do not always see the type of success like Brandon Jennings. http://sports.yahoo.com/top/news?slug=dw-tyler042209







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