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John W. Berry's theory in Acculturation

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Andrea Gomez

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of John W. Berry's theory in Acculturation

John W. Berry's theory in Acculturation
An assimilated immigrant is someone who wants nothing to do with their old culture and just wants to blend in with the mainstream culture. Most of these people find a fault in their culture and want to completely abandon it. This is seen mostly in 2nd generation.
Marginalized immigrants are often 2nd generation, not want to be part of either the mainstream culture or their native culture. Most marginalized people believe rewards are based on “luck” and they usually have a negative outlook on life. Most criminals are often marginalized people. (Organista. 2007)
Berry's Theory
Berry believed that minorities accumulate in different ways. One may be a little more afraid to assimilate with the mainstream culture or they may hate both their cultures and the mainstream culture. The different ways people accumulate are called Integration, Assimilation, Separation, and Marginalization.
Integration is when an immigrant is proud of his/her roots but is also happy to be part of the Mainstream culture. This is seen in most 1st generation Mexicans because they have Dual Frame of Reference. Dual Frame of reference is when an immigrant can compare their life to their native country and to their new country. This has a huge effect on immigrants who are integrated because compared to their old living; their new life is a lot better.
Separated immigrants are those stay with their own people and just celebrate their own culture. Some separated immigrants who had no choice in whether to leave their native land or stay, so they choose to have nothing do with mainstream culture. Others just seem to feel the most comfortable with their own people, celebrating their own culture and nothing else.
Why does Accumulation happen?
Need more explanation?
Beatriz is a good example of Separation

Gaytan, Dr. Francisco X. "Latino Assimilation, & Acculturation." Lecture. LATINO AND LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES 101: INTRODUCTION TO LATINO AND LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES. Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. July-Aug. 2013. Web.

Fox R, Merz E, Solórzano M, Roesch S. Further Examining Berry’s Model: The Applicability of Latent Profile Analysis to Acculturation. Measurement & Evaluation In Counseling & Development (Sage Publications Inc. ) [serial online]. October 2013;46(4):270-288. Available from: Academic Search Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed October 31, 2013.

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