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Animal Adaptation

WOW! Academy Presentation

Liz Koehler

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of Animal Adaptation

Why Do Elephants Have Trunks?
...Investigating Animal Adaptations Meet Our Narrator,
Ellie the Elephant talons hollow bones Baldie the Eagle sharp beak good eyesight Zelda the Zebra stripes strong legs Sleak, Streamlined Body big teeth short manes Daphne the Dolphin Grey Skin Color Strong tail Use Flippers to Steer Mickey the Monkey skinny tail long, limber arms opposable thumbs Introducing:

Dana Ruppert
3rd/4th Sped - David Elementary

Diana Shaw
1st Grade - Lamar Elementary

Sarah Radford
3rd Grade - Anderson Elementary

Liz Koehler
6th Math/Science - Tom Cox Intermediate Student Objective:

Identify how animal characterics help them survive in the wild. Web 2.0 Tools:

Screen Jelly
Switcheroo Zoo
YouTube ...and now for your entertainment
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