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Australian Religion Over 40 Years

No description

Lauren Benning

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Australian Religion Over 40 Years

How have beliefs and spirituality changed
in the past 40 years? Australia was more culturally and socially Christian
Practically everyone did RE
Nothing was open on Sundays
People went to church because it was a cultural norm rather than
through a personal relationship with God.
40 YEARS AGO PRESENT DAY Australia is multicultural
Secular folk religion eg. Anzac and Aussie rules football esteemed more highly to common Aussies Regular church attendance has reduced
Every shopping centre is open on Sundays.
In what way have the religious beliefs and forms of spirituality of Australians changed over the past 40 years? What does this mean for the church and how should it respond?
Religion in Australia Statistically a.More openness to different viewpoints on religion b.A broader emphasis on spirituality not just religion c.More coverage of day to day life issues in teaching programs The Areas Churches Must Improve In Reasons Why Young People do not Want to Attend Church Many people said they did not like the ways churches were organised and found worship services boring. Around 45% of young Australians indicated they felt that way 20% of young Australians said they did not have enough time because of work, or had too many other commitments and around 45% said there were other things they preferred doing 44% said they see no need to go to church and 30% said they did not have any strong beliefs 11% of young Australians said they had had bad experience s of church Results from the survey 'Youth Spirituality' Sharon Bond & Phillip Hughes Antonietta Marine Lauren Change in Religion as Generations change 58% of the younger generation put 'ENJOYING LIFE' as their priority 27% of the older generation put 'ENJOYING LIFE' as their priority Stats Less then 8% of Australians in their 20s attend church Only 14% of church goers are between 15 and 29 In the wider community, this age group makes up 28% The young people’s less ‘black and white’ approach to the world was reflected in their moral views. Around half of the Australian sample of young adults affirmed that right and wrong depended on the circumstances.
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