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The Atmosphere and Density

A study guide / review session for Mr. Gallagher's Block 5 Science class

Laura Burrows

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The Atmosphere and Density

The Atmosphere and Density The Atmosphere Air in the Atmosphere Density = Formula for Density Density Problem Orange Solution... What is the atmosphere??? How does the air change
as you travel up in Earth's atmosphere? http://forces.si.edu/atmosphere/ Density Mass
Volume Laura and Jordan mixed up a new salt solution.
The food coloring made the solution orange.
They weighed the orange solution. It's mass was 13 g.
They measured 27 mL of the solution.
What is the orange solution's density? If the following solutions were mixed together,
where would the orange solution fit in? As you travel up in the Earth's atmosphere.... file://lvmsapps/students/StudentCommon/6th%20Grade%20Science/Weather/weather/atmosphericdata/elevator.html less dense the higher you get the molecules are more spread out,
the air is thinner and it's harder to breathe Mass Volume Density = 55 g
10 mL Blue's density = 1.30 g/mL
Purple's density = 0.43 g/mL
Yellow's density = 0.94 g/mL
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