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Deloitte Prezi - Corporate Venturing 2013

No description

Ivana Coleman

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Deloitte Prezi - Corporate Venturing 2013

Innovation at Deloitte
. Innovation: “not a luxury, but a necessity”
. Deloitte Innovation Academy
- Online environment
- Culture and Nurturing of Innovation collaboration and education.
. Not only helping themselves innovate but helping others
. Help Manage innovative programs

“To Be The Standard of Excellence “
“Always One Step Ahead”
Continuity through out the world
Ethical firm
Green Dot campaign
Market Leader/Global Heavyweight -Olympics

Positioning and key success factors
effective management
being professional with the clients
joint venture-law company
Establishing good brand name
Well covered costs
Good relationships with the clients
Departments and Structure
- Assurance and Advisory
- Consulting
- Deloitte Private
- Financial Advisory
- Risk
- Tax.

. Currently 5306 staff members (2012)
. Downward communication

. Price Waterhouse Consulting
. Ernst & Young
. KPMG Australia

. Grant Thornton

. Deloitte came in at 4 against its direct “Big 4” competitors (Business Review Weekly, 2012)
. Competitive Advantage in Revenue Growth.

Direct Competitors
Indirect Competitor
The market

Target ordinance- big corporations
Heght demand for accounting
The four big -Ernst & Young, KMPG,PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte.
Growing marked by 2.7% -IBISworld
Low barriers for entering.
There products, service and brand.

Book keeping
Legal service
Computer and software retailing

Product – audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk
and financial advisory services
Price – High scale
Place – Online, counseling – over 150 countries
Promotion – advertising, PR, sponsorship
Physical Evidence – Website & headquarters
People – Specialised professionals
Process – Online & staff advising

The corporate Venturing now
Service P's
Globalization Issues:
- Legal and political differences
- Cultural differences
- Maintaining brand and service continuity

Standardization of product and branding
Small adaptations to suit cultures

Globalization Issues
Strategy development
Why Deloitte ?
Market leadership
Focused market investment
Operating globally
Continual investment
Improving industry sector growth
- Diversity
-HR Transformation

Liquidly Structured

Strategy Pillars

Operational Excellence
Finance and Performance
Program Leadership

7 Areas Of Innovation

Current Innovations and Excelling Areas
Value chain
Distinguishes the competitive strength of an organization through external and internal activities.

Provides an segmented insight into the value provided through services for both the customer and shareholder.
Collaborating For Innovation And Future Strategy
Work Life Balance
Adaptive Marketing
Internally Focused
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