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Product Design

Andre Cofield

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of eSSAGE

Meet the eSSAGE. The eSSAGE is open air flow design channeled into a groundbreaking luxury product that promotes
hi- touch interaction by design. By:Andre Cofield Made for men and women, the eSSAGE is a massage suit that makes it possible to receive a massage from a trained specialist or even a loved one no matter the distance. The suit uses WiFi technology to connect you to the luxurious world of massages in the comfort of your own home. Loved ones are able to massage you from anywhere in the world with the stroke of a comfort stylus with any Android or Apple device. No longer are you limited to the local massage parlor, the world is your massage parlor. WiFi signals from across the world can be transmitted by whomever is at the controls to give a soothing massage. Tiny micro controllers then translate this signal into pure comfort from anywhere in the world with internet access. Using our patent pending EAP massage pads the eSSAGE is able to deliver a precise and accurate massage as if they hands were right there on your skin. EAP- Electro active polymers

EAP's are polymers that can change shape and act like muscle when hit with an electrical charge. We use these EAP it the form of tiny nodes. In combination with our EAP nodes we also use EAP Skin Grafts or (Electrostrictive graft polymers) above the node layer to apply pressure while massaging. A small micro controller receives a charge signal via Wifi and tells what node to move when activated via the control interface. When the E.A.P. sheets receive a charge they will apply pressure to the user by squeezing down on the node pads.
The eSSAGE’s innermost layer is made out of Antimicrobial Polypropylene to resist odors and eliminate the need for machine wash, a simple wipe down will do On several key points ventilation meshes provide a place for body heat to escape to keep the user cool and comfortable. In between the outer layer and inner layer the massage pads and skin grafts are located in sectioned pockets to maintain flexibility while using the suit. Store and charge your eSSAGE in this wireless charging garment bag from PowerMat. App GUI 12 Meridian Mode Here is where the comfort stylus comes into use, and allows the user to transmit massage data to whomever is wearing a suit. If receiving a massage from a specialist session can be arranged via the web to do so. The comfort stylus uses bluetooth technology to serve as a control for the eSSAGE app and is pressure sensitive. Thank you and we hope you are excited for the eSSAGE Patent Pending
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