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No description

Eva Sheridan

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Makemake

Are you tired of Earth and ready for a vacation? Then come to Makemake! You will have a blast with your family. Just make sure you bring a coat! The temperature on Makemake is -240 degrees Celsius (-406 degrees Fahrenheit.)
Makemake is the third largest known dwarf planet. It was discovered in 2005. Its mass is 3 billion Kg. Makemake is so far away from the sun it takes 310 years to orbit the sun just once! So you can stay for as long as you want!
The circumference of Makemake is 4458.8 Km so there will be a lot of sight seeing to do. The gravity of Makemake is 0.051 x Earth's gravity.
There are no moons circling Makemake so star gazing is at an all time high! Makemake is 5.761 bilion Km from the sun so you don't have to worry about bringing sunscreen.
Makemake is made of icy methane that also
covers all of its surface. Need to relieve some stress and get away from your daily schedule? Come to Makemake, the days and years are unknown. Also the planet's axis is unknown.
Makemake is named after a Polynesian God and is a dwarf planet orbiting near Neptune. It is bright enough be seen with a high end telescope.
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