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Big Data

No description

Sophie Pan

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Big Data

Sophie Pan
Nielsen Audience Measurement
August, 2013

Big Data
The Three V's of Big Data
Volume: The Amount of data

Variety: The types and sources of data

Velocity: The speed of data being produced, and coming in/out of your system
Tip of the Iceberg
What is Big Data?

The Three V's of Big Data

Seeing the Bigger Picture

The Fourth V of Big Data

Into the Future
Seeing the Bigger Picture
International Development
United Nations Global Pulse

World We Want- public engagement using social media analysis

Identify via twitter data people's priorities and relevant topics in public discourse

Results inform global leaders as they define new post-2015 world development agenda

High Level Panel calls for establishment of Global Partnership on Development Data

Data philanthropy, collaboration across sectors
Into the Future
Paradigm Shift- data is sexy!

Increasing uncertainty in decision-making, more granularity, less exactitude

Increasing need for context in data analysis and predictions

Quantitative change leading to qualitative change

Move away from the search for causality? Is the "what" more important than the "why"?

Will sampling become a thing of the past?

Privacy concerns- how will Snowdengate affect access to data?

Specific area expertise matter less, desperate need for new talents with analytic skills

Quantity drives demand for storage systems

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Thank You and Don't Be
A Data Monkey!
The Fourth V of Big Data
Source:Source: Data, data everywhere, The Economist
What is Big Data? Villanova University, http://www.villanovau.com/university-online-programs/what-is-big-data/
What is Big Data?
"Big data is high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization" - Douglas Laney, Gartner
The Importance of Big Data, Gartner, http://www.gartner.com/DisplayDocument?id=2057415&ref=clientFriendlyUrl
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McKinsey Global Institute, http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/business_technology/big_data_the_next_frontier_for_innovation
Veracity: Data integrity and confidence in using data for crucial decision-making

Talent Shortage
By 2018 in the U.S.

Half a million new data-related jobs will be created

shortage of up to 190,000 data scientists

To meet demand, the U.S. need to increase graduate with deep data analytical skills by 60%

Shortage likely to be a global phenomenon

U.S. and BRIC nations leading in number of new graduates with analytical skills
"Big Data- the ability of society to harness information in novel ways to produce useful insights or goods and services of significant value." - Kenneth Cukier, Big Data
“Every day I wake up and ask, ‘how can I flow data better, manage data better, analyse data better?” - Rollin Ford, CIO of Wal-Mart
A Way Forward
Data policies

No more data monkeys! -training data scientists who can do it all: statistics, programming, and business strategy

Larger, better, improved data storage and analysis systems

Hybrid methodology , better data integration, collaboration across sectors

Industry restructuring
Sources: UN Global Pulse, http://www.unglobalpulse.org/
World Economic Forum, http://www.weforum.org/reports/big-data-big-impact-new-possibilities-international-development
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