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Rubber Tappers


Kyle Shephard

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Rubber Tappers

I also believe that Rubber Tapping does not harm trees!
Rubber Tappers extract latex from trees. "This process does not harm the trees." Trees can have rubber extracted for 30-40 years.
Rubber Tappers
By: Kyle, Sammy, Emanuel
One reasonI maintain this position is Rubber Tappers have lived in the amazon for many years.
According to the article "land use conflict in the Amazon Rainforest," rubber tappers believe that their right to the rainforest comes from having worked there so long.
According to the author "AR":
Rubber tappers first came to the Amazon Rainforest during the 1870s when they were hired to work on rubber tree plantations in the rainforest.
One compelling example from the article "Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest":
According to Article
"Rubber Tapping":
Every day a thin layer of bark is removed along a downward half spiral. If done carefully the side of the tree can be tapped for up to five years. After tapped completely, the other side may be tapped, allowing the already tapped side to heal. This work is done at night or early in the morning
Rubber Tappers remove sap from trees by cutting the tree diagonally. "Removing sap this way does not harm the tree." Rubber Tappers use the resources of the rainforest with out causing harm to the forest and environment.
How To Tap Rubber
Rubber Tapping Video!!!
(says rubber tapping does not harm trees)
1 min 44 sec into video
(Whithout harming the trees)
While there are many ways to use and preserve the resources of the rainforest, as a Ruubber Tapper, I believe we should have the rights to the rainforest because...
What do we think...
(If tree is cut like this, after 5 years the other side may be tapped leaving this side to heal.)
(A tree like this may be tapped for 30-40 years. As stated above)
My analysis of the issue has convinced me that, while there are many ways to use and preserve the resorces of the rainforest, as a Rubber Tapper i belive we should have a rights to the rainforest. Therefore, I now know completely that Rubber Tapper deserve the rainforest.
Another reason i take this side is, Rubber Tapping supplys many jobs.
According to the auther Kristin Helmore, there are as many as 150,000 Rubber Tappers in the Amazon. Most Rubber Tappers are with little experience with the modern world. Meaning it would be hard for them to find another job, so they could support themselves.
What do the Rubber Tapper's job mean?
One compelling example from the article "Amazon Rainforest," 5,000 tons of rubber are produced in the Amazon. The rubber produced in he Amazon is 1.4% of the national market for rubber in Brazil. Without the tappers the rubber would go unused and in the end, a wasted resource.
What do the Rubber Tapper's job mean (again)
According to the author "Katie S," if there are less tappers in the Amazon. Then they will have less money they will have to pay off debt. This would be bad for the government.
Without Rubber Tapping the tappers would become poor
Loggers vs Rubber Tappers
Alternatively, loggers may claim that they need the land in the rainforest. However, I believe the loggers are harming the rainforest and making it more difficult for the Rubber Tappers. Because, evidence says "it encouraged people to clear cut forest." The clear cutting of the forest led to "many rubber trees dissapeared," with many of the trees missing the rainforest will only grow smaller and the Rubber Tappers will have a harder time getting rubber.
If the loggers are not stopped the Amazon will soon be gone

when the price of rubber dropped, most of the planatations were abandoned. Most of the rubber tappers decided to stay and continue working.
From this i have come to understand, that the trees of the rainforest will be safe.
After learning this information, I now know that Rubber Tappers jobs help the world in many ways.
This makes me think rubber tappers deserve to have rights to the rainforest and own their territory since they have been there for so long.
What we think after leaning this information...


Article - Land Use Conflict In The Rainforest
Auther - AR (prezi)
Article - Rubber Tapping
Auther - Kristin Helmore
Auther - Katie S
Article - Amazon Rainforest
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