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Liberal vs. Conservative

No description

Virginia Hunter

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Liberal vs. Conservative

Liberal vs. Conservative
Government's duty: to protect human rights, civil liberties & individual rights.
Should use power to rid world of social problems.
No one should ever be in need.
Very open to new ideas & technologies, not allowing for their views to be held back by established traditions.
Holding to traditional attitudes and values, and very cautious about the changes/new technologies.
Want to bring back the old traditions from the "olden days"
See government's role as to providing enough freedom for people to pursue own goals & solve own problems.
Considered to be "to the left"
Believe government actions should help achieve equal opportunity & equailty for all
Consider to be "to the right"
Feel that society runs based on personal responsibility.
Believe in strong national defense
Women have the right to decide what happens to her body.
Fetus is not a human right, meaning it doesn't have rights.
Government should pay for those who can't afford it.
Human life begins at conception.
Abortion is murder.
Unborn baby is a human with individual rights.
Government shouldn't pay for it.
Free market system, competitive & private business ownership create the greatest chances for success and raise standard of living.
Free markets produce more economic growth, more jobs & higher wages.
Government shouldn't regulate the economy because it just limits progress.
Economy works better with government regulation.
Government must protect citizens from greedy big business owners.
Private businesses don't usually care about public good, so government must regulate them.
Oil is a disappearing resource because of the long abuse.
Other sources of energy must be explored if we're to exist.
Government should create a plan for all alternative energy production.
Government should control gas & electric industries.
Oil, gas & coal are steady sources of energy and are abundant in the US.
Oil drilling on land & sea should increase
Increasing home drilling limits dependence on foreign oil.
Focus on nuclear energy development.
Private industries can focus on alternative energies.
Gun Control
2nd Amendment doesn't give citizens right to keep & bear arms, only militias to have arms.
Individuals don't need guns because the government is supposed to protect you.
Laws enforcement & military are supposed to give protection.
More guns = more violence.
2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to keep & bear arms.
Individuals have right to defend themselves.
Too many gun control laws.
More gun laws won't prevent criminals from getting guns.
Law-abiding citizens with guns = less crime.
Support legal immigration & amnesty for current illegal aliens.
All illegal aliens have right to:
Education & health benefits of citizens.(Medicaid, social security checks, welfare)
Equal rights as citizens.
Support legal immigration only.
Those who break the law entering US illegally don't deserve same rights.
Borders need to be secured to protect current citizens.
Those here illegally need to be removed.
Same-Sex Marriage
Marriage is the union of people who love each other.
Should be legal for gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people.
Opposed to a constitutional amendment establishing marriage as union between a man & a woman.
Denying this right robs them of civil rights.
Marriage is union between a man & a woman.
States have the right to recognize same-sex marriages in other states.
Requiring citizens to recognize same-sex marriages violates their religion rights.
Support free/low cost government controlled healthcare.
Millions without healthcare are deprived of the basic right to health.
Government should make healthcare equal for all citizens.
Support competitive healthcare system.
All citizens technically have access to healthcare.
Free/low-cost healthcare will result in higher costs.
Healthcare should be in private companies.
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