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Analyzing FSA style Questions

No description

Lindsay Petree

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Analyzing FSA style Questions

We are going to read the text together!
What are we going to do for this lesson?
Analyzing FSA style Questions

Take a second to define the words that you didn't know!
Question 2
Part A: Which statement best describes Anthony's primary point of view regarding the role of the government?
Anthony begins the speech by declaring that she will
that she did not commit a crime.

What evidence
does she use
to give her argument persuasive power?
-Work to answer the questions
-read a practice FSA passage
-answer and analyze FSA questions
-find textual evidence that supports your answer
-explain how your evidence supports your answer
I tell you all the time how finding evidence for your answer is FSA's favorite thing...
however, students miss it a lot.
To help that problem...
Today we will practice answering questions and gathering evidence
What should you do while I read?
-follow along in the text
-highlight or underline
words that you feel are important
words you do not know.

-Pay attention to when a questions asks for
lines from the text
Now that we have our own answers...
We can compare them to the answer choices to decide the correct answer.
You can write them off to the side on your paper
-write notes for every paragraph
Part B: Which two statements from the speech provide the best evidence for Anthony's point of view?
This isn't an easy text to understand
You can't get by unless you work hard
Question 3
3. Part A: What is the meaning of the word unalienable in the fourth paragraph of the speech?
Part B: Which two phrases from the text best help the reader understand the meaning of unalienable?
Question 4
4. Anthony states that preventing women from having equal rights with men is a “direct violation of the spirit and letter of the declarations of the framers of this government.”

In which sentence in her speech does Anthony most clearly disregard the “letter” (the literal meaning) of the Declaration and substitute a meaning that reflects the “spirit” of the document?
I will take this, grade it, and return it to you tomorrow
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