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European Development Fund in Greece

No description

sophia steinwender

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of European Development Fund in Greece

European Development Fund in Greece A snapshot of achievements Support for 23 000 firms seeking to upgrade technology Help for 7 000 business start-ups. Improved transport infrastructure, including new road links and
better urban transport systems. The essentials, 2007-13 Nearly €6 billion to improve transport infrastructure and accessibility. €5.5 billion to protect the environment, promote sustainable growth and fight climate change. Over €3.6 billion for R&D and innovation. €2.2 billion to improve training, employability and promote social inclusion. Aims and Purposes Expected Impacts of the European Development Fund strengthened networks and co-operation in border security business and research networks using modern infrastructure sustainable development in the cross-border area threat of water shortages improve economic growth aims concerns Greece, Italy, France and Spain the project MEDDMAN developed strategies for better management of water resources examined ways of reusing water promoted co-operation between
regions to combat drought management of natural resources the EU Investment in Greece Greece has been allocated 20.4 billion

5 regional programmes

8 thematic programmes The EDF in Greece also includes Bulgaria, therefore it is called the "Greek-Bulgarian-Programme" constituted by 7 administrative regions of Greece and 4 in Bulgaria Characteristics budget of €347 billion RDF is supervised by Ministry of Interior, Public Administration & Decentralization founded in 1998
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