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James Dashner

No description

Jarrid Johnson

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of James Dashner

Author of the Maze Runner Series About James Dashner James Dashner has written the Maze Runner series The Scorch Trials After the scorch trials Thomas is locked up in solitairy confinement for 26 grueling days. Then they find out that some people are immune to the flare. Next the gladers escape onto an aircraft called a berg. They fly to denver to find a man named Hans. then Newt which is not immune to the flare, leaves the berg that was parked behind denver. Then Thomas gets an invitation to finish the last trial. there he gets saved by teresa and some others from the glade from getting his brain surgically removed . While there he finds that there is no cure. The Death Cure Timeline of James Dashner (cc) image by jantik on Flickr James Dashner receives the 2008 borders original voices pick for his novel The Journal of Curious Letters. James Dashner Life of James Dashner James Smith Dashner was born on november 26th, 1972 in Austell,Georgia When James was only two years old he moved to Duluth,Georgia The Second in the Maze Runner series is published in 2010 called "The Scorch Trials." 1 6 8 The maze runner The Maze runner is about a boy named Thomas who one day wakes up in a metal box with all of his past memories wiped from his mind. He is taken and welcomed into a huge, concrete place that is known as the Glade. The Glade is filled with about 60 teenagers known as the "Gladers". All Gladers, like Thomas, have there memories wiped. Surrounding the Glade is a Maze that is filled with brutal slug-like creatures known as Grievers and the Gladers have been trying to solve the Maze for 2 years and have failed everytime. Although when Thomas arrives the Maze gives them clues that the Maze is not something to find the end of it is actually a code. After solving the Maze and meeting Teresa, Thomas and Teresa have telepathic abilities and talk to each other as they are split up into groups of boys and girls. The next day Thomas cannot contact Teresa and is confused and also wakes up to find victims of the Flare. The people infected by the flare are known as "Cranks" and are outside the window of the building Thomas and the Gladers are living in. They are trapped in the building for four days without food and only water from the bathroom sinks when one day a man tells them they have to reach the end of the Scorch to be free from all harm at the saferoom. However, they must all reach the end of the Scorch because they are all infected with the Flare. James graduates High School at Duluth High School in 1991. James attends college in Brigham University in Utah where he meets his wife, he is currently living there Biographical Sketch of James Smith Dashner James Smith Dashner is born on november 26th in 1972 in Austell, Georgia. When James is only two years old he and his family move to Duluth, Georgia. In 1991, Dashner graduates from Duluth High School and attended Brigham University in Utah where he met his wife and he is currently living. He has published three series in his career as an author. The Jimmy Flincher series, The 13th Reality series and The Maze Runner series. The books in the Jimmy Flincher series were "The Door in The Woods.", "A Gift of Ice.", "The Tower of Air." and "War of The Black Curtain.". The books in The 13th reality series are "The Journal of Curious Letters.", "The Hunt For The Dark Infinity" and "The Blade of Shattered Hope." and finally in the Maze Runner series the book titles for them are "The Maze Runner." "The Scorch Trials" and "The Death Cure". He publishes the first book of the Jimmy Flincher saga in 2003 called, "A Door In the Woods." The second Jimmy Flincher book is published in 2004 called "A Gift of Ice." The two final books of the Jimmy Flincher series are "The Towel of Air." and "War of the Black Curtain." Which were published in 2004 and 2005. In 2010, the 13th reality series is published. First book of the Maze Runner series is published in 2009 which won many awards such as, the Barnes and Noble Discovery pick and A Junior Literary Guild Selection. The Final book of the Maze Runner trilogy is released in 2011 and is called "The Death Cure." Biographical sketch of James Smith Dashner Book Review Maze Runner Series Review I love the maze runner series and i would reccomend it to anyone around the age of 8 or older if you love a great mystery story filled with action and suspense! You never know for sure whats going to happen next! This is a great series, also one of my favorite series. Author's style of writing Author's style of writing James Dashner's style of writing is very unique. He always leaves you on a cliff hanger. If you were to start one of his books you wouldnt be able to stop cause at the end of each page he leaves you thinking about whats going to happen next! Also there is a great mystery in all of his stories that keeps you interested throughout the book! His books have great grabber begginings, great content and endings. Over all i love his style of writing! TIMELINE
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