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Coming of Age


Carls Donald

on 16 December 2009

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Transcript of Coming of Age

Coming of Age Louisa please come home Symbol: The symbol of Loiusa Please Come Home is a RADIO.
The radio is the portal and only pathway to her home after her parents won't take her back. Louisa Summary: Louisa is 19 year old girl who runs away from home the day before her sister's wedding. She carefully plans out every detail and stays with Mrs. Peacock for three years. She ends up seeing her old family "friend" and mistakingly says hello. He takes her back to her family for his reward and the family doesn't beleive it's actually Louisa and sends her home. 5 Elements and definitions: Character: Character is the personality, or description of a certain person in a story Theme: Theme is a certain reaccurant idea that constantly is showed throughout the story Conflict: Conflict is a problem between two characters or a main problem interrupting the story. Epiphany: A sudden realization or turning point that effects the story plot. Symbol: A symbol can reflect and represent a certain thing. Teenage Wasteland Summary Summary Of Teenage Wasteland:
Donny was a troubled teenager who wasn't doing well in school or socially.
His mom hired a counselor named Cal tried but couldn't bring up Donny's grades but mostly was there for social support. His Mother was worried and took away Cal. Conflict This story shows conflict between Donny and his mother were always fighting and Donny's mother had to take away Cal against Donny's pleades because Cal was not a positive impact on Donny's grades. Adjö Means Goodbye Summary Epiphany In this story Carrie and her black friend are new best friends named Marget. Marget hosts a birthday party and no one shows but Carrie. Carrie's mom forbids her from talking to Marget because of her race The epiphany of this story was when noone shows up at Marget's party except Carrie. She realizes that the socail inwritten rule was that no whites interact with any black people. A Visit of Charity Summary Character Summary of Visit of Charity: A visit of charity was about a shelfish little girl that went to visit a nursing home because she had to. She did the absoulte miniumum and eventually left after a fight between to old women. The character's name was Marian and she was a campfire girl that had no intent on doing anything that wasn't benefiting herself. Throughout the story Marian was constantly getting out of things she didn't want to do. Two Kinds Summary Theme Summary of Two Kinds:
In the story of Two Kinds by Amy Tan, Amy is sad because she has low self-esteem and because she thinks her cousin is perfect and she is not good enough for her mom's appreciation no-matter what she does. The theme of Two Kinds is low self-esteem. Amy Tan beleives that she is not good enough for her mom. and throughout the story she constantly tries to prove herslef to her mom with little success. By: Jack Williams and
Carly Gibbons.
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