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Monday 1.23.17

No description

Amy Swanson

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of Monday 1.23.17

Monday 1.23.17
En, em- in, into, with
In, im- in
Intro, intra- in, with

Let's review this week's words and do the exercises for the week.
Article of the Week
Definition of Bullying.. this relates to our equality focus, too!


1. Pre-read the questions.
2. Annotate with purpose.
3. Use meaningful annotation to answer questions.
Syria Slide Show
Baby Sloth
Do Now: Topic
This week's topic is EQUALITY. Dictionary.com defines equality as: he state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.
Achieve 3000
This week's article is entitled: Book Fair in Somalia. This article includes a problem and solution. Let's practice with this format.
Do Now: Equality
"The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal."

-- Aristotle

Making Way for Eels
American eels face a problem: Their numbers are becoming fewer. One
reason for this is because dams are getting in the way. Eels are born in
the salty ocean. Baby eels must make their way from the ocean to their
homes in fresh water. To do this, they must swim upstream. However,
dams often block their way and, as a result, more and more eels do not
make it. Scientists are working on a solution to help eels pass through
the dams called “eelways.” Eelways use less water than the passages
already created for fish because eels swim in slow moving water.
Scientists hope the eelways will help bring back the eels.
What signal words indicate that this might be a problem/solution text?

• What is the problem?

• Who is trying to solve the problem?

• How did that person try to solve that problem?

• What are the results of these solutions?

• Is the problem solved? Do any new problems develop
because of the solutions?

"Swimming for Her Life"
1. Read to yourself.
2. Respond to "Text Evidence" questions 1-5.
3. Read together.
4. Review questions.
Now we'll view a slide show on what is happening in Syria. You have some questions to answer on this slide show. They are on the back of the "text evidence" handout.
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