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A Year of Technology in R6D

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Greg Morin

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of A Year of Technology in R6D

As technology is becoming more and more part of our daily lives, it is important to teach our students using the technology that they are accustomed to. As well, it is important to educate and "update" our staff so they become better equipped and confident using technology. The following is a quick one year break down of the websites and programs my class, R6D, will be using, along with some of the devices that will be in use in the classroom. This will be followed by a brief explanation of how we can get information and training to staff on new programs and hardware devices.

Let's begin!
The Smartboard
The Smartboard will be in use every day in our classroom. Daily math along with our "Caught Ya" grammar program, are all run off the Smartboard. Science experiments and lessons, math questions, every subject will have a variety of Smartboard activities or lessons to accompany them. Watch the following video to gain a better idea of the benefits of the Smartboard.

Engrade is an online gradebook. I find it is a valuable program that allows me to store student grades, monitor progress, create a homework calendar, and post items such as class notes, extra forms, etc. Students can also access the site to retrieve files, check homework, or send a quick message to the teacher explaining an absence, or requesting clarification on homework or a project. Here is a video that highlights some of Engrade's features.
Google Drive
As your are aware, Google drive plays a key role in our board's technology. As all students in the OCDSB have Google accounts, it makes sense to use them. We will be using Google Drive and it's components (Calendar, Apps, etc) in a variety of ways; from submitting assignments and homework, to working on group projects, all from the comfort of the student's own homes! Here is a teaser on what Google Drive can do!
Gizmos are easy to use simulations for Science and Math. Gizmos are a great way of reinforcing key concepts and ideas. They also help strengthen existing knowledge, and present it in an interesting, informative way. We primarily use them in our Space and Geometry units, but are expanding every year. Here is their website for a more in depth explanation.
Kidblog is a blogging site that I use to encourage discussions based around classroom topics. Perhaps I will post a picture and ask students to infer, or show a link to a video and ask their thoughts. Students can also create their own blogs, and other students can comment. It is imperative that teachers monitor all discussions. Here is a video that explains a basic setup, along with privacy settings.

All Aboard!
Now that you have seen the exciting programs and websites that will be in use in my class this year, the next step is to inform staff of these programs as well. The Tech team (Rick, Garnett and myself) will continue to hold our once a month workshops, as well as post on Beam new programs, policies, and the like, as they become available. As well, we will continue to try our best to maintain the three computer labs, so classes have a chance to use these programs on a daily basis.
A Year of Technology
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