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CV.David Amor (Civil Engineer)

Currículum Vitae contado de forma Interactiva

David Amor Vicente

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of CV.David Amor (Civil Engineer)

Madrid, Spain


The Resume of DAVID AM0R
I've worked in the Capabilities's
Dept. during two BP
Internship Programmes.

"Interns Coordinator" was my
role with more than
30 students.
I'm about to graduate as a Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
I've worked at more than 15 differents
BBVA bank branches on a tempory
contract basis over the past
6 years.

My role was to manage cash - bank
accounts, as well as phone
assistance and costumer

• proactive, hardworking & versatile, collaborating in several projects with
differents departments at the same time.
• creative & ambitious person, with
analytic and organizational ability who
pretends improve everything around.
• good communicator, pleasant colleague,
enjoys effective
team working.
• Civil Engineer softwares:
- Autocad, Cype Metal 3D,
SAP2ooo, Istram, Google
SketchUP, Pascal (computer
• Microsoft office:
- Word, Excel, P.Point - advance,
0utlook (good level) &
Project (learning now...).


Designing, mixing music,
reading & cinema, photography, cycling
& swimming.
Date of birth: 25 July 1989
Resident of Madrid, Spain


Available immediately.
0wn vehicle.

Right now, I'm designing a sustainable BMX stadium,
with recycled materials and making good use of solar
energy, as a end of major project (June 2014).
I've completed different courses ...
- " Structures Design Course " using AutoCad 2D & METAL 3D by CYPE Engineers software.
* Awarded with the 'Best Project in 2nd Structural Design' which was taught
at Civil Engineers University.

- " Digital Cartography & Linear Infrastructures Design " using ISTRAM/ISPOL software
which was taught by Buhodra Engineering.

- " SAP 2000. Induction UPM " which was taught by CSI Spain.

- " Professional Construction Risk Prevention " by Seopan collaborating with UPM.

- " Pivot Tables & Functions in EXCEL " while I was working in BP Oil Spain.
(SAP = Structural Analysis Program)
Until February 2014, I'm studying a Project Management Postgraduate Course by
CEPADE in Madrid.
After that, I want to continue learning how to manage engineering projects and other fields too, such as renewable energies and
sustainable infrastructures, with a Master which will help to specialize me
in these matters.
In my department, we provide gap solutions to different business lines, to make continuous improvement projects collaborating with

Besides my role as "Intern Coordinator",
I gave support to my department with their training duties working with HH.RR.
I piloted this position during
my first summer at BP. My dept.
boss was so impressed by my
work that he consequently
assigned this position to an
intern, ensuring that I was
the intern coordinator
the following
from 2011-2012
to 2012-2013
I've collaborated with the Electric Civil Engineers
department during the last two years.

We prepared and taught laboratory' exercises
and resolved students doubts.
In addition, we inspected the electric facilities working and revised the laboratory machines.
Work Attitudes:
Spanish - native speaker;

English - Fluid
(Upper - Intermediate)

French - (studying now)
Paloma Gómez Rafael-Cruz
Capabilities en BP
" I had the opportunity to working with David, being his mentor in the BP
Insternship Programmes. My recommendation is clearly for several points:

First, he has a high capacity to learn everything with tenacity which
allowed me to delegate duties without supervision.
Second, the reason I recruited him in selection interview were his
raised social skills which allow him to lead team activities easily.
Third, it was his global view analyzing long-term objectives in
different situations which allowed him to get the method
right when managing his tasks. In summary, It was
lucky to have worked with David in my team.
I recommend taking him on
without a doubt. "
I might make a resume of my duties like this:

- Collaborating on a real Engineering Project from Public Works Ministry called "Feasibility Study of Urban Railway
Integration in Tarragona", performing some parts
of the whole project.

- Preparing the Satisfaction Certificates of the Railway Projects, carried out by ETT, according to requirements &
rules to tender in Spain and abroad.

- Corporate Presentations, with the special projects
performed in ETT (powerpoint & PREZI) :
As Assistant Project Engineer,
I've worked in technical depart.
collaborating on several projects
of railway infrastructure.

Jose Luis Sadornil Estévez
Director General de ETT Proyectos, S.L.
" David fue contratado como becario para realizar un trabajo de 2 meses, y por
su valía profesional, se le ha ido ampliando el contrato hasta cumplir estos
6 meses como un ingeniero más dentro del equipo, colaborando en los
proyectos de la empresa. De entre todas sus cualidades y capacidades, tanto
laborales como personales, he querido destacar:

* Su adaptabilidad ante los cambios, ya que ha realizado diferentes y
variados trabajos y, ante todos, su respuesta fue rápida y acertada.

* Y también importante ha sido su compañerismo y proactividad,
intentando aprender de cada oportunidad que se presentara,
siempre con una buena aptitud y motivación.

Ha sido de gran ayuda estos meses, y
recomiendo su contratación
sin lugar a dudas "
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