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Who are the Sufis? How important is seclusion in Islam?

Mrs Holland

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Sufism

LO: To understand a dimension within Islam, knowing the differences between inner and outward worship.

To know the definition and impact of 'tasawwuf' and 'fiqh'. What is Sufism Fiqh: the outward, observable rulings of worship/act Tasawwuf: The inner spiritual belief behind the actions correct method of washing intention of the worshipper depth of concentration having a soul that is pure times of prayer the effect of prayer on your manners number of prayers in a day awareness and love of God What is more important - Observing the RULES of a religion, or having the belief of God in your heart? Discussion time A girl who refrains from gossip because she knows it is forbidden, but wears revealing clothes. A man who prays his 5 daily prayers even though he's thinking about the football scores whilst in the Mosque A woman who covers from head to toe, yet hates her neighbours because they make too much noise Can you ever remember spinning like this when you were a child? What is Sufism? Sufism means to be so open to God's presence around you, that the believer feels drawn away from normal everyday life. The Sufi seeks to be 'empty' and then to pass from conscious thought to reach a state of union or 'oneness' with God. Look at the method of worship, why do they do this? Sufi's want to:
achieve communion with God
give up all selfish appetites and physical desires
become so close to God that their own identity is lost and absorved into God's
give up all wealth and luxury
search for an inner peace. What are our thoughts on this? How might 21st Century Muslims find this difficult? Answer in your books and be ready to share! Quick recap of topics so far... get your revision brains on! Next lesson, we will be looking at different types of 'Religious Experiences', so I'd like you to think of any religious experiences you can name or think of. Bring your ideas to our next RE lesson!
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