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The Mans Scent

No description

cierra gauvin

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of The Mans Scent

The Mans Scent
Bilateral Symmetry
" The extent to which features appearing on both sides of the body are the same shape and size"
- Scientists say that this is the biggest factor in finding a partner
- Although it can be hard to determine right away if someones face is symmetrical, humans also take other subtle cues to determine if they have good genes.
The Affect of Scent on Women
The Experiment
Biologist Randy Thornhill and psychologist Steven Gangestad tested one of the subtle cues that determine attractiveness, scent. They put the men in clean white shirts to sleep in after they showered with unscented soap. The women who were ovulating who smelt their shirts found the men with more symmetrical faces to be the most attractive.
Scent and the Media
This video shows a dramatized idea that women are attracted to men by their scent.
-Humans have evolved over time to be more sensitive to hidden genetic aspects that indicate a potential partner.
-Women who are ovulating have the most stake in finding a genetically compatible partner.
-The little genetic cues such as scents and facial symmetry can help determine if someone is attractive even before you notice.
- Bilateral symmetry and genetic factors are key components to women finding potential mates attractive.
-As shown in the experiment, women who are ovulating are more attracted to the scent of a man who has a symmetrical face.
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