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neuroglial cell

No description

Allison Smith

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of neuroglial cell

Neuroglial Cells
Usually referred to simply as a glial cell or glia -they are quite different from nerve cells. "Glia" The term glia comes from the Greek word meaning glue.this reflects the nineteenth century presumption that these cells held the nervous system together in some way. There are three types of glial cells in the mature central nervous system. Astrocytes oligodendrocytes microglial restsricted to the brain and spinal chord,have a starlike appearance hence the prefix (astro) restricted to central nervous system and lay down lipid-rich wrapping called myelin around some axons. smaller cells derived from from stem cells and helps with sites of injury such as brain damage. Functions. The major distinctions that glia do not participate in synaptic interactions and electical signaling abilities of neurons. there are more glia cells in the brain than there are nerve cells outnumbering them 3 to 1. They also help in aiding or preventing in some instances recovery from neural injury. normal neuroglial cells cancer neuroglial cells remember that 90% of your brain is made up of neuroglial cells!!
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