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great D

wesley benford

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of CCC's

How the ccc's helped The civilian conservation crop The ccc's was a public relief program for unemployed men Modeled after precedent employment-conservation programs in the United States and Europe, FDR introduced the idea for the program with his first inaugural address on 21 March 1933. The CCC also provided a comprehensive work program that combined conservation, renewal, awareness and appreciation of the nation's natural resources.[ CCC's The CCC became one of the more popular New Deal programs among the general public, providing economic relief, rehabilitation and training for a total of 3 million men. The Jobs 1) Structural Improvements: bridges, fire lookout towers, service buildings; 2) Transportation: truck trails, minor roads, foot trails and airport landing fields; 3) Erosion Control: check dams, terracing and vegetable covering; 4) Flood Control: irrigation, drainage, dams, ditching, channel work, riprapping; 5) Forest Culture: planting trees and shrubs, timber stand improvement, seed collection, nursery work; 6) Forest Protection: fire prevention, fire pre-suppression, fire fighting, insect and disease control; 7) Landscape and Recreation: public camp and picnic ground development, lake and pond site clearing and development; 8) Range: stock driveways, elimination of predatory animals; 9) Wildlife: stream improvement, fish stocking, food and cover planting; 10) Miscellaneous: emergency work, surveys, mosquito control.[18]
This is my image of the American dream
because I see us standing victorious
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