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10.5 Family Planning

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Jon B

on 7 December 2018

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Transcript of 10.5 Family Planning

Natural Family Planning
Natural family planning is approved of by the Roman Catholic Church. It makes use of a woman's infertile period to regulate conception
Can contraception be viewed as abortion?
For some Christians, a barrier method of contraception is acceptable as it prevents sperm and egg from meeting.
However, methods, such as the pill, may prevent a conceived egg from implanting in the womb and so are regarded as being unacceptable
Roman Catholics
: Every sexual act should be open to the possibility of conception.
Church of England
: Do not regard contraception as against God's plan
10.5 Family Planning
What is contraception?
Key Term:
- Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring

Can a Catholic support artificial contraception?
People decide to use contraception because:
They want to plan when to have children
They consider themselves to young or old to have children
To do not want to be parents
Having children would be dangerous for the mother's health
One or both partners carry a genetically inherited condition
They feel they could not provide for the child
Christian Attitudes
Contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.
For some Christians, the use of contraception to prevent diseases such as AIDS is more important than preventing pregnancy.

Other Issues
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