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State and Local Government

No description

Miguel Sahagun

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of State and Local Government

How long an individual should be a
legislator? State and Local Legislatures Apportionment What was the Reapportionment Revolution? How do professional and citizen state legislatures differ? Compare the influence of committees and leaders in the state legislative lawmaking process What are term limits and
why are they a challenge to state legislatures? - Frustration

- Low salary

- Long hours

- councils are passive Why is membership turnover high on city councils? How are county governments organized? Districting Malapportionment Baker v. Carr Reynolds v. Sims Reapportionment Revolution refers to the one-person/one vote apportionment plan that the Supreme Court required for both houses of state legislature Professional Citizen Amount of time legislators spend on the job
Salary Legislators are Paid
Size of the legislature's staff Full-time job
Fairly high salary
Large staff Less than full-time
Lower salary
Small Staff Committees Leaders - Fate of bills - Gatekeepers

- Coalition builders

- Communicators

- Appointing legislators
to committees Commission-administrator Council-executive Commission - Both legislative and executive power

- Composed by three or five members elected by the voters
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