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Jeans Challenge

No description

Barry Westerkamp

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Jeans Challenge

Rock Your Jeans Challenge!
Is this how you measure success?
Do you hate the thought of stepping on the scale?
Are your jeans too tight?
Would you like to wear a smaller size?
Take the power away from the scale!
Focus on changing your body!
Losing fat!
Fitting into a smaller size!
To lose inches, we have to
lose fat
Most weight loss programs don't care what you lose - water, muscle fat. As long as the scale goes down, that's all that matters.
Our goal is fat loss
Losing muscle has a negative effect on your metabolism.
Don't send your
metabolism here!
Calorie restrictive diets
result in loss of muscle
A loss of muscle slows down your metabolism
Your body burns fewer calories
Your body adapts to the fact that you're only feeding it a limited amount of food
Fat is the enemy!
Can you see how losing fat will help you fit into your jeans?
Fat loss hierarchy
Based on:
Real-world results
Fat Loss Hierarchy
1. Nutrition
2. See #1
3. Activities that burn calories, maintain/promote muscle mass, and elevate metabolism
4. Activities that burn calories and elevate metabolism
5. Activities that burn calories but don't necessarily maintain muscle or elevate metabolism
1. Nutrition
2. Nutrition
Common-sense approach
How much you eat
What you eat
When you eat it
Journal for accountability
Get ready to sweat!
We combine strength training with interval training to help you achieve maximum results
We give you the plan, guide you through it every step of the way and keep you motivated.
Our system gets results!
Program guidelines
No scale for 8 weeks.
You will need a pair of jeans 1-2 sizes smaller than you wear now
You will try the jeans on before you begin the program and leave them with us at the club
You can try them on at the end of week 2, 4, 6 and 8.
Participants agree to make their best effort to keep their fitness journal and follow the 90% rule.
Participants are recommended to complete four (4) workouts per week minimally, 32 total workouts during the contest. A combination of strength training and interval training done in a group setting are recommended to achieve maximum results.
Final try-on week is week of November 19
In order to qualify for money-back guarantee participant agrees to follow our program. Participant agrees to complete four (4) workouts per week and fill out nutrition journal on a daily basis. Participant agrees to follow our nutritional guidance for the entire 8 weeks.
Anyone who completes the program will be entered into a raffle for $250 Hall Tree gift card and an Expressions by Design spa package
Who is this program for?
Someone who needs guidance
Someone who wants to follow a proven system
Our system works!
Someone committed
to getting results
You have the power to change your body, but only if you're willing to use that power.
Program restrictions
If you're currently injured
If you have specific movement restrictions
Our goal is to get you to make better habits, not make you feel deprived
The Program
Resistance Training - 2x week
Metabolic Resistance Training - 2x week
Do these on different days, allowing for adequate recovery.
All training will be done in small groups of 3-8 people. Group times will run Monday - Saturday and will be offered at various times (5:30AM, 9AM, 5:15PM, 6:15PM)
Size restrictions
Size 8 or below - 1 size
Higher than size 8 - 2 sizes
Expected Results
Smaller size jeans
More energy
Confident in how you look
Increased metabolism
Sense of accomplishment!
Your Investment
Member of Anytime Fitness - $279
Non-member - $329
Payment plan option is available
The 90% System
5 meals per day
You earn 3 potential points per meal
______Fruit and/or vegetable
______Starchy carbohydrates (reducing these helps drop body fat faster)

You have the potential to earn an additional 4 points per week by doing a recovery shake post-workout.

At the end of each week there is a total of 109 points. Take your points divided by 109 to get your percentage. Your goal is 90%.

Starchy carbohydrates should be consumed for breakfast and 1-2 hours post workout.

No skipping meals.
Size 36 or below - 1 size
Higher than size 36 - 2 sizes
We combine strength training with interval training to help you achieve maximum results
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