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jokes (T.U.S.C)

No description

Tracy Ngo

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of jokes (T.U.S.C)

By Tracy Jokes Joke no.1 Joke no.5 Q.whats full of T, starts with T
and ends with T??? Q.What restaurant did the
cow go to??? joke no.2 Q.what do ducks
have with soup??? Joke no.3 Q.what do you get when you
cross a turtle and a porcupine??? Joke no.4 A.a teapot! A.Dairy Queen! A.quackers A.a slowpoke Q.what did the baseball glove
say to the baseball??? A."catch you later" Joke no.6 Q.whats a cheerleader's
favorite food??? A.cheerio's Joke no.7 Q.how do athletes stay cool
during the game??? A.they stand near the fans! Joke no.8 Q.what is a rabbit's
favorite dance style??? Hip-Hop! Joke no.9 Q.why is the math
book so unhappy??? A.becouse its full of problems! Joke no.10 Q.what state do
pencils come from??? A.pencil-vania
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