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Raphael Simon

No description

Emily Seppelt

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Raphael Simon

Raphael Simon (or Pseudonymous Bosch?)
How and when did he start writing?
"I never wanted to be a writer, but I always knew I would be one"(The Occidental Weekly) Simon was always captivated with books and stories when he was a child. He once said in an interview "I want my readers to experience what I had when I was a kid, Being transported, getting lost in another world. To see people feeling that is wonderful and weird.” (The Occidental Weekly.) Raphael was always good at writing as a child, so he knew he could one day make money off it and as he got older started to enjoy it a lot.
In character
Out of character
His movie "Monster Mania"
Thank you!
Who is Raphael Simon?
Raphael Simon is an American writer, screenplay writer, professor, and freelance journalist. His main focus is chapter /young adult books, especially his series the Secret Series. He is currently 43 years old and teaches creative writing at the university level.
The Secret Series
What is unique about him?
One of the most unique things about this author is that he is a character in his own books.For example in his books, " WARNING DO NOT READ PAST THIS PAGE!(next page) Good. Now I know I can trust you.You're curious. You're brave. And you're not afraid to lead of life of crime."(2). When he is on tour, he even dresses up and acts like his "character" in the book. It is very entertaining to watch. "Simon, as Bosch, gesticulated with his hands as he uncloaked the plot for his audience, changing his voice to mimic those of his novel’s pint-sized characters. Listening to and watching Simon read his work is a wonderfully entertaining show. "(Occidental Weekly)
He even wrote a manual on how to write a mystery!
What has he written?
He wrote the secret series which includes:
The name of this book is Secret(2007)
If your reading this it's to Late(2008)
This book is not good for you(2009)
This isn't what it looks like(2010)
You have to stop this(2011)
He also wrote two episodes of Rocket Power(2001-2002) and a documentary in 1997 called Monster Mania.
What are things this author wants to tell me?
“My advice for young writers is to read,” he said. Simon said he read almost one book a day from ages 8-14. “Use what you read to help you write. Lie, cheat and steal."(Occidental Weekly)
Works Cited
I chose to read three books by the author Raphael Simon and am here to tell you a little about him!
Simon's "Secret Series" is about two 5th graders named Cass and Max-Ernest (not their real names of course), who go on fantastic adventures involving a secret society!
What are his books about anyways?
Book 1- The name of this book is secret.(smell)
The first book in the series introduces the supernatural to our main characters. It is mainly about The Midnight Sun Spa, which recruits special children who have powers and keep them hostage and studies them in order to help find out how to be young forever. Cass and Max-Ernest try to stop them and save one of their classmates.
Book 2- If you're reading this it's too Late.(hearing)
The second book is more based on the kids discovery of a secret society that protects children and adults with powers concerning the 5 senses, and the revelation that they are one's themselves.
Book 3- This book is not good for you.(taste)
In the 3rd installment of the secret series, it centers mainly around the sense of taste and people with powers related to taste. Meanwhile, Cass's mom has been kidnapped by the Midnight Sun and her she may have finally discovered the secrect to immortality!
A character in the book I cannot reveal
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