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Multilevel Approach to Community Health (MATCH)

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Azada Wan

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Multilevel Approach to Community Health (MATCH)

State of New York
Caucasian: 65.7%
African Americans: 15.9%
Latino/ Hispanics: 17.6%
American Indian/ Alaskan Native: 0.6%

Multilevel Approach to Community Health (MATCH)
What is Huntington Family Center?
"Huntington Family Centers, Inc., a settlement house, dedicated to the dignity and self worth of all individuals, is committed to enhancing the lives of families and children for the future of our community; we accomplish this through diverse, year round programming designed to strengthen individuals and families in a safe, caring environment." Huntington Family Center's Mission

Provides services for:
Huntington Family Center Preschool Program's Goal
"The primary goal of Huntington Family Centers' Preschool program is to promote school success by providing positive role models and social experience geared toward the development of character, strong values, and healthy relationships. The program provides children and families access to quality and affordable early childhood opportunities."

For more information about Huntington Family Center, www.huntingtonfamilycenters.org

Huntington Family Center Preschool Program
Preschool program is for children from ages 4 to 5 years old.
School days are Monday to Friday, 9:00-11:30am or 12:30-3:00pm.

The six essential elements of a quality preschool program are...
Group Size
Curriculum and Instruction
Family Involvement
Huntington Family Center (13204) vs. State of New York

Zip Code 13204
Caucasian: 56.9%
African Americans: 26.4%
Latino/ Hispanics: 18.4%
American Indian/ Alaskan Native: 1.7%

State of New York

Total Population: 19,576,125
Poverty Level: 14.9%
Educational Attainment of High School Graduate: 84.9%
Median Income: $57,683

Data obtained from Quick Facts: US Census Bureau.

Data obtained from Quick Facts: US Census Bureau.

Huntington Family Center (13204) vs. State of New York
Zip Code 13204

Total Population: 19,931
Poverty Level: 42.9%
Educational Attainment of High School Graduate: 70.6%
Median Income: $26,271
Multilevel Approach to
Community Health (MATCH)
Framework used to guide effective health promotion interventions at multiple levels.
Includes five phases that can be applied when risk factors and priorities for action are known
U.S. Government developed the model in the late 1980s and has been used by the CDC.
Phase 1: Goal Selection
Phase 2: Intervention Planning
Identify the targets of the intervention
Select intervention objectives
Identify mediators of the intervention objectives
Phase 3: Programming Development
Create program units or components
Select or develop curricula and create intervention guides
Develop session plans
Create or acquire instructional materials
Phase 4: Implementation Preparation
Facilitate adoption, implementation, and maintenance of the program
Select and train implementers
Phase 5: Evaluation
Conduct process evaluation
Measure impact
Monitor outcomes
Five Levels of Society
The intervention can be directed at the following five levels:

Individual level
Persons within the population
Interpersonal level
Family members, friends, coworkers
Organizational level
Decision maker in an organization
Societal level
Community leader
Governmental level
Legislator and regulators
Strengths and Weaknesses of MATCH
The phases and steps to implement a program are fairly easy to follow.
Our target population, pre-K students, needs a simple program.

This approach does not apply to everyone in the population; there will be outliers.
Being able to attain "feedback" or conduct an evaluation will be challenging because our target population is pre-K students.
Assessing the health behaviors of a group of Pre-K will be difficult because they are at a young age and those health behaviors may not be seen until many years later.

Select Health Status Goals
Identify Target Population
Identify health behavior goals
Identify environmental goals
Phases of MATCH
Phase 1: Goal Selection
Phase 2: Intervention Planning
Phase 3: Program Development
Phase 4: Implementation Preparation
Phase 5: Evaluation
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