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Social Media in Citizenship

No description

Emma Chandler

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Social Media in Citizenship

My Social Media Journey Next steps? 'The Twitter Lesson'
'Youtube film essay Classroom model
Developed regular PLN
Unique hashtags to classes eg #7Plath Twitter model takes off Introducing the blog Development of the
school network Classroom linking
Cross PLN collaboration
Sustainable links PGCE Citizenship Links to lesson plans
Examples of work
Comments switched on
Tweets to promote What Went Well Even Better If Early engagement
Raised profile Sustained dialogue
Real outcomes Blog used to upload lesson plans and showcase student work. Subject/topic specific hashtags
Class hashtags
Teacher accounts
Open dialogue
Learners facilitate 'realness' through BYOD (and yours too if you'll join me?) Facebook is "personal"
Twitter is "forum" #5NN
#UKEdchat Early tips Stick to one PLN
Reply to tweets
Don't chit chat Blog can also be used to support a 'blended' model.

Videos with instructions as well as in-class/pre-class reading.

Comment section can be used to store findings during ICT based lessons. What
think? @itsmisschandler Early adoption
of Social Media for classroom practice & CPD Blended learning Video used
to pre-learn & re-learn.
Promotes independent
Models Digital Citizenship/e-safety.
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