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Ancient China Mechanical Clock

No description

Suhas Prasad

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Ancient China Mechanical Clock

Szu Song invented mechanical clock tower in 1092 A.D. It could tell:
Day of the Month
Phase of moon
Position of certain stars and planets.

Uses of Clocks in Imperial China
Mechanical clocks were...
- more accurate than previous devices - now use watches and clocks to know the time.

Evidence and Reasoning III
The mechanical clock is something that we take for granted today, and yet use often. But in Imperial China, it helped the Chinese greatly, and made their life convenient.
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The Mechanical Clock
Su Song made the famous mechanical clock tower made in 1090 A.D. It could tell:
Day of the Month
phase of moon and position of certain stars and planets.

During cold winters, the water would freeze, so Chang Szu Hsien made an identical clock, but it used mercury instead of water.

The art represented a family (Tang, Yuan, Lin), caste (slaves, emperors)
Schedule of Farmers
Status symbols, decorative items, and personal adornments, and only occasionally as timepieces
Evidence and Reasoning II
Evidence and Reasoning I
Clocks were important because...

It organized society

And helped coordinate activities

Mechanical Clock
by Suhas P., Saurav S.
hala madrid
Get your very own mechanical clock today!
Evidence and Reasoning IV
As said before, the clock is something we take for granted today. Think about one day without any sort of clock. Without a clock, society would be disorganized because it would be nearly impossible to coordinate activities. We have come to rely on the concept of time a lot.

Make your life organized!
Thesis Statement
The Mechanical Clock was definitely and undoubtedly the most important invention in Imperial China.
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