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My Presentation on Snapchat

No description

kyler isack

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of My Presentation on Snapchat

Our Presentation on Snap chat
Snap Chat
Snap Chat is a free application that is available on the App Store for Apple and on the Play Store for Android. It is something that allows you to take photos and draw on them, also it allows you to add captions to the pictures you take. It then allows you to send the picture to people, that are on your Snap Chat friends list, you can chose who to send it to. Then your friends can only view your photo for 1-10 seconds( You Chose), then the photo is gone forever.
Pros (Advantages)
The advantages of Snap Chat are:
You can add captions to your pictures with Snap Chat.
You can chose who your picture gets sent to.
You can draw on your pictures.
You can chose how much time your friend is allowed to see the picture.
It is free.
It is a fun way to pass time.
Cons (Disadvantages)
The Disadvantages of Snap Chat are:
It needs internet.
Through some research people have found that the pictures don't disappear from the receivers device.
You can only view the pictures for 1-10 seconds.
People can take a picture of you and edit it to make you look bad, and you may not like it.
People can write mean captions about you.
You cannot record long videos.
It is blurry when you take videos.
People can screenshot your photos.
Overall Snap Chat is a great app that has a few flaws but, what app doesn't? It is a really fast and easy way to communicate with friends if you have internet. So I recommend having Snap Chat if you're into taking pictures and editing them and stuff like that, or if you want a laugh.

Our Sources
Our Brains
Google Images
Thank You For Watching and listening. Hope you enjoyed and gained knowledge
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