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Causes of the American Revolution


Melissa Graham

on 5 February 2010

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Transcript of Causes of the American Revolution

Colonial Times through the American Revolution Between 1607-1760 most people in colonies lived on farms. It was a lifestyle that was very self-contained. Farm life consisted of everyone getting up before sunrise and working until sundown. Colonists on farms did everything from cutting wood, feeding animals, clearing land, and tending crops. They also had to build their own fences, making furniture and tools, spinning thread, weaving cloth and making clothes. Making candles, soap, cleaning, cooking and caring for young children. Between 1607 and the 1760s, 1 in 20 colonists lived in a city. City dwelers lived close together and each specialized in a trade skill such as shoemakers (cobblers), clockmakers, silversmiths, tailors etc. Most cities were located on the waterfront so that goods could be brought by ships to be traded at market places. Colonists were still under the rule of England, however the government body was IN England and the colonists had no representation within it. The first slave was brought to the U.S. in 1619. By the mid 1700s the American Economy relied upon millions of slaves to do back breaking work of raising crops such as tobacco, rice and indigo.
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