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Paul Hiebert: Life of a Missionary Anthropologist and Theologian

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Joseph Pfeiffer

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Paul Hiebert: Life of a Missionary Anthropologist and Theologian

Scholarly Career Set Theory "The Flaw of the Excluded Middle" Worldview(s) Paul G Hiebert: Formative Years Lived: 1932-2007

Born and Raised in India (3rd generation missionary)

B.A. from Tabor College (1954)

M.Div from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary (1957)

M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from U. of Minnesota (1959)

Missionary principal of Bethany Bible School and College, Hyderabad, India (1960-1965)

Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology - U. of Minnesota (1967)
Pastored local church while on furlough to finish The Mennonite Brethren Dissertation Published 1971: Konduru

Unable to return to India after furlough for Ph.D

Taught Anthropology and South Asian Studies at Kansas State University 1967-68; 1970-72

Professor of Anthropology, University of Washington (1972-1977)
Very successful: Tenure, Grants, Fulbright Scholarship
Published major textbook in Cultural Anthropology (Lippincot, 1976)
Struggled with how to integrate Scholarly life and Missionary calling

Professor of Anthropology and Missiology at Fuller Theological Seminary (1977-1990); then moved to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1990-2007).
Considered call to Fuller as "return to missions." (Priest 2009: 174).
Marked shift from primary work as secular Anthropologist to Missiologist
Instrumental in building faculties and Ph.D programs in Missiology at both Fuller and TEDS.
After death of wife Fran, converted home into Ashram Began with question of how to account for differences amongg Christians as to who was "really" a Christian. Began with research/ experience in India.

Then came to apply to issues of West vs. Non-Western World & Biblical Worldviews. TheAnabaptists: FamilyPhotos The Anavaptists: Principles Believers' Baptism: Following true repentance

Radical Discipleship

Obedience to Commands of Christ (Sermon on the Mount)

Ethic of Nonresistance

The Church as Covenanted Community

Communal Hermeneutics Mennonite Migrations "Critical Contextualization" Drew from mathematical concepts of "Set Theory: Coming to terms with Missionary experiences and mistakes Always in Partnership Hiebert's Method: Via Media between Positivism and Idealism (Post-Modernism) Christian views of Contextualization have/must evolve: three stages.
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