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Pin Tumbler Locks

No description

michae geng

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Pin Tumbler Locks

Pin Tumbler Locks (PTL), was the only lock at that time of Ancient Egypt. It was used for privacy and home locks.

How we use locks today!
We use lock for lockers, cars, houses and almost anything that has a door on it. Some rich people uses voice activated or keypads you see on a door of a pick-up truck.
Tumbler locks
Ancient Egypt had locks called pin tumbler locks. There were invented in 4000 BCE. They were made with wood and bronze. It was usually called the radial lock because of its cylinders.
Interesting facts
Pin tumbler locks consisted of a wooden shaft through it that's hollow for the key hole and metal staffs so the right key to be accepted to it can unlock the locked lock.
Pin Tumbler Locks
Thank you for listening
For my Presentation Of ....

Pin tumbler locks
Most of the things we use today were invented by the Ancient Egyptians. Like the Pin Tumbler Locks but we call it just 'locks".
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