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Q1.Describe type of network that is suitable for ten or more

No description

Ethan Fox

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Q1.Describe type of network that is suitable for ten or more

Questions about Netwoks
The type of network that is suitable for ten or more users is the star topoligy.
Three recources that are commonly shared accross networks are printer access, shared file access and shared scanner access.
A computer that can provide both service but also requests services off is called a server.
A star network is a network with a central switch this switch then allows different recources to pass through after checking the recourse.
If both people have LAN the resulting network is called a WAN. A normal LAN would not be able to cover three miles that is why a WAN is required.
If there are four workers on a low budget the easiest and cheapist network is a bus network. There would not be many problems with this as there are not many people in the network.

It is the computer that the administrator uses to control or otherwise fix any bugs on the network.
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